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    Unit 23 Question

    I have been doing some scouting in 23, and was wondering how busy the NF-71 road gets (its a pretty nice road). It seems to be a great central location for camp as you seem to be able to access the east and west side of this unit off of this road (turns into NF-609), but is it loaded with camps during the Oct-Nov hunt? I will be packing into places during the day and wont be spending my time hunting the roads, I ask more or less if there is a better place to camp with access to more country within the unit. I will be making more trips before the hunt to do more scouting but it is like a 5 hour drive for me and I appreciate any advice anyone is willing to offer.
  2. outlaw357derf

    Coues population in 37B?

    I have seen quite a few couse and muleys in the hills around the old Tiger Mine Road off HWY77 between Oracle and San Manuel. ​
  3. outlaw357derf


    Congrats on the tag and good luck on the hunt. I look forward to seeing pics of your deer.
  4. My Son and I drew an early unit 23 whitetail tag. Not new to chasing these delicious, elusive critters, but would just like to get a look at everyone's trophies from a new unit I have not hunted before......and go.
  5. outlaw357derf


    thanks for sharing, stud buck you got there.
  6. outlaw357derf

    Draw progress

    They usually post the results after the Arizona Game & Fish Outdoor Expo. Saturday March 25 & Sunday March 26 2017. Been that way for last 4 years for sure.
  7. outlaw357derf

    Unit 33

    Awesome bucks, studs for sure and thanks for sharing. Unit 33 is a large unit, that you have to do your homework and put in the work to get stud deer like this.....assuming you are lucky enough to get drawn.
  8. Been out everyday almost even if it just for a few hours after work, and now am armed with a new phoneskope and 48x65 vortex razor spotting scope. here are a few of the images I was able to capture. I didn't put a stock on these animals, but my son and good friend put a couple stalks on a couple bucks.
  9. outlaw357derf

    2016 Rut Activity

    ​I have been from the low desert to the high deserts and mesas, I have found the rut to be spotty at times. I have seen a few really good bucks out chasing, but very few of the bruisers that are normally seen this time of year chasing. Not saying I have not seen any, just a lower number of them. Have also seen bucks running together rather than chasing off and only a few fights seen.
  10. outlaw357derf

    Badlands 2200 pack

    I am interested please PM me or call. 928-925-9714
  11. outlaw357derf

    Kaibab Buck

    This is my 2nd archery deer. I was lucky enough to have my two boys on this hunt, and share this memory with in some of the most beautiful country I have hiked.
  12. Wanted to thank Troy Smith for creating this beautiful mount. I would recommend Troy because I have had some bad luck in the past with a taxidermist, and he totally put me at ease with his craftsmanship and his character. Thanks again Troy! Troy Smith Authentic Taxidermy 3575 ST. RT. 89 Chino Valley AZ 86323 928-636-2225
  13. outlaw357derf

    Kaibab Buck

    Mount finally finished! Thank you Troy Smith with Authentic Taxidermy.
  14. outlaw357derf

    Kaibab Buck

    Wanted to get the photos posted before I hit the hills again. This was a spot and stalk at the last bit of day light across a wide open meadow for 800 yards.I was able to hit the tree line. I was able to snake an arrow through a 24"X12" window at 90 yards ( I practice this shot frequently). Arrow went through both front shoulders and this buck only went 80 yards before expiring with a 20 yard follow up shot.
  15. outlaw357derf

    big bull

    beautiful bull congrats!
  16. outlaw357derf

    Friends First Archery Buck

    My friend tagged his first archery buck, and his brother and I were able to watch the stalk while at work through binocs.
  17. outlaw357derf

    33 Youth hunt help for a dad

    I grew up in the area, find some high points and glass. there are some big canyons up there you can also hit up. Take a lion tag as you will possibly encounter or glass one up. PM me if you have more questions or more info.
  18. outlaw357derf

    elk roast dinner and left overs

    MMMMMM! tasty looking.
  19. outlaw357derf

    How go you all cook venison roast

    what are your thoughts on injecting your meat? I have used Cajun Butter injection and have had nice results with beef, and want to give it a try on game
  20. looks delicious. I agree with the quality and satisfaction you get out of processing your own game. well done sir.
  21. outlaw357derf

    Smoked backstrap

    I like to make my own rub with cumin, granulated garlic, onion powder, smoked paprika, black pepper, and oregano. I rub the meat with the rub, lattice bacon and wrap around the loin. I personally won't marinate this cut of meat, but when I marinate a tri-tip I use the liquid Montreal seasoning and I put an Moose Drool beer and marinate over night. I set the smoker at 225 degrees and use pecan chips for 4 hours give or take on how rare you like your meat.
  22. outlaw357derf

    Unit 27 late rifle hunt camp

    There are some good spots off the 403 road and there are some good spots on the 26 road that can fit 3 trailers. while yes there are a lot of people up there, there are plenty of places to camp and fit 3 trailers. The earlier you can get your trailer up there the better camp spot you will get.
  23. very cool video and experience to share with your son.
  24. outlaw357derf

    Bull Basin Archery

    I went to Bull Basin Archery in Flagstaff yesterday, and was surprised at how knowledgeable the staff was. There service was top notch and I would absolutely recommend anybody looking for a good archery shop to deal with to go there. Best experience I have had dealing with an archery shop, and the staff was very helpful.
  25. outlaw357derf

    Elk season Part II Archery

    Beautiful bull! Great video! Thanks for sharing