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  1. JTO

    Big D strikes again

    Awesome bull! Love the teamwork with family and friends.
  2. JTO

    Son's first archery bull

    Two awesome bulls!
  3. JTO

    Archery Goat Down

  4. JTO

    SOLD - AGC Bino Harness Multicam

    Sent PM. Thanks!
  5. JTO


    Sent you a PM. Thanks!
  6. JTO


    Pm sent
  7. JTO

    Sad time... Guns for Sale

    PM sent about generator. Thanks
  8. JTO

    Pistols for sale.

    Do you still have the 509 tactical? Pictures? Thanks!
  9. JTO

    Pistols for sale.

    Message sent. Thanks
  10. JTO

    Son’s First AZ Elk Hunt

    Congratulations! Awesome Bull!
  11. JTO

    P38 Buck

    Congrats! Well done!
  12. JTO

    Thanks Flatlander

    While I haven't posted much in a long time, I want to say thank you publicly for a kind gesture done without fanfare. I had been waiting for my deer tag since last week when I was made aware that they were arriving in the mail. Each day I checked, I became a little more bothered it wasn't in my hands. Last night my doorbell rang and I answered my door. On my doorstep stood a familiar face (due to a mutual friend) that I haven't seen in at least 15 years. He reached into his back pocket and said "is this you?" He recognized my last name but remembered me only by middle name which wasn't on the deer tag. I laughed and said "yes" and asked "how come you have it?" He replied "it was stuck to my tag that came In the mail". I invited him in and talked for a bit. When he left, I sat there and thought about him taking the time to track me down (address on my tag was my old address....even though the portal shows otherwise) and deliver my tag. He could have done the easy thing and thrown it back in the mail. He didn't. Thanks for going the extra mile for another hunter and being a good man. I hope your fall is a productive one. Thanks again Flatlander
  13. JTO


    Interesting no one has mentioned anything about water intake....or maybe I missed it. Anyhow, the foundation for any exercise/nutrition program in my world begins with water intake. Many benefits from drinking half your body weight in ounces each day (or more if you are exercising). Food for thought if one hasn't considered it.
  14. JTO

    Girl power!!!

    Heck yeah!
  15. JTO

    Jared blessing

    Way to get it done Jared! Awesome Bull and continued success!
  16. JTO

    Got My Son's Buck Back

  17. JTO

    MyTopo GMU Maps units 4a & 24a

    PM sent
  18. JTO

    Trail cams

    PM sent
  19. JTO

    Free Trailcams

    I will donate to CW if outdooraz doesn't pick them up. In mesa/Gilbert as well
  20. JTO

    Bonus Points Are Updated

    Got my confirmation!
  21. JTO

    ISO Unwanted old or freezer burned meat.

    Great seeing you Shedhunteraz! Thanks for meeting me to pick up the meat. Great looking dogs!
  22. JTO

    start your new build w a 30 caliber barrel blank

    Looks like 25 1/2 inches in the first picture as to the length of the barrel.
  23. JTO

    male german shorthair

    With that logic Trophy hunter, let me know when you are finished with whatever vehicle you are driving and I'll take it off your hands.