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  1. dtower

    Looking for radar detector

  2. dtower

    Looking for radar detector

    I have been researching detectors (after a Ticket) and Looks like the Valentine V1,Gen2 will be my purchase ($499 on the Valentine site). Just my thoughts ! DT
  3. Thought i would see if anyone on here is thinking that old stock trailer parked in back needs to go ! Looking for 16'+ , open ,closed,oldish,newish trailer. I need to haul a couple horses and a 4H steer from time to time locally.(globe) Thanks DT 928 200 3667
  4. dtower

    December Tags 2021

    24B , Headed out this weekend and then the last two days. Saw two small bucks sparring/playing opening day? I hope the rut brings out the bigger bucks .
  5. dtower

    Vortex Binoculars for sale

    Next If you don't sell them .
  6. dtower

    Optics Rentals - Delete

    Need an extra pair of Binos for my wifes Deer and Elk hunt coming up, Not sure if she really likes hunting....yet and don't want to buy nice glass for her yet. (Swaro,Leica). 10x42's or 12's Contact info on rental outfits ? Thanks DT
  7. dtower

    Forum Idea for Spammers

    I had an IM listing this email address . Since i cannot find the IM that was sent to me. I think the guy deleted the message.
  8. dtower

    Who is hunting where?

    I would definitely hire a guide for Trophy Crane Tag , also quail outfitter would be ideal ! haha
  9. dtower

    Forum Idea for Spammers

    Alex Turnage <turnagealex92@gmail.com> Seems to be a scammer also , Told me he had 5 boxes of bullets to sell (not likely) . Asked me to Venmo the money and he would send them ? Something seemed off when he couldn't confirm the grain of bullet consistently. I believe Darren72 gave me the email address for "Alex" (Darren had been a member for 4 hours). If it seems to good to be true ............!
  10. Winchester Large Rifle Magnum Primers - anyone have some for sale by chance ? 1 box will work for me. SEARCH IS COMPLETED - THANKS GUYS thanks DT
  11. dtower

    Who is hunting where?

    24B Late - December 10 - 31st
  12. dtower


    Yes , Please TEXT me at 928-200-3667 Danny T.
  13. dtower


    Everything online looks to be on backorder for only a year or so .
  14. Anyone possibly have any for sale or know where some might be available ? ELD-X 30 CAL. 212GR
  15. dtower

    Roosevelt report

    I'm pretty sure the water is too cold for catfish to hold deep at the Dam, they would be in warmer water.