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  1. dtower

    Rivers are Running!! Fill them lakes up

    3/22/2023 (afternoon)
  2. dtower

    Arizona mountain lion attacks person

    Did they find the Lion ?
  3. dtower

    Rivers are Running!! Fill them lakes up

    ROOSEVELT LAKE 98% FULL , 2 foot remaining elevation . Would this be two foot till it hits spillway ?
  4. dtower


    I will take this please . Danny Tower (Globe az)
  5. dtower

    .243 Ammo

    Globe Walmart had two boxes of 25-06 a day ago (11/30)
  6. dtower

    Need a job in E. Mesa ?

    My daughter had an interview scheduled for today 9am , (Jason Rodgers) Nellis was a no show ? She has called and left message ........... DT
  7. dtower

    Smith & Wesson 500 S&W

    I'm scheduled to purchase this , as soon as we can meet up . Contact made through the phone number posted
  8. dtower

    Smith & Wesson 4043

    messaged you at your number
  9. dtower

    SOLD - Please remove

    $5,500 , after inspection ?
  10. A few days ago their was a member selling , i can't find it ? Thanks DT
  11. I tried Upper Crust tonight , very good . Slice was very large ! Very Good . Thanks !
  12. So is Upper Crust good Pizza ? If yes , i will try it next Tucson trip . Thanks
  13. dtower

    Looking for radar detector

    I have been researching detectors (after a Ticket) and Looks like the Valentine V1,Gen2 will be my purchase ($499 on the Valentine site). Just my thoughts ! DT