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    elk, deer, bear, antelope, buffalo, javelina, turkey, bighorn...but mostly elk

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  1. curtimus

    kaibab 20x56 or nikon 20x56

    I have the Nikon 20x56 and use them alot...they are dark but useful on a bright day at 500 bucks...I too wonder how much brighter and clearer the Kaibab 20 x56 are...I am seriously considering them or the razor 18x56...I like the vortex glass...swaros are out of my budget.
  2. curtimus

    What is considered baiting?

    Thank you Brian for giving a straightforward answer clears up alot of questions...
  3. Hey guys going to the Kaibab on the 24th to archery hunt any suggestions from some experienced Kaibab archery hunters?
  4. curtimus

    How do you hunt the Kaibab?

    it is the sharing of yrs of experience like BOHTNR that makes this website unique and helpful...thank you thank you thank you BOHTNR for your insight and your willingness to share it...Wisdom is useless unless shared and listened to.
  5. curtimus

    24B suggestions for Oct rifle hunt

    thanks those of you whom gave a straight
  6. Hey guys I drew the 24b Oct rifle hunt for coues but am not familiar with anything but rodgers trough area...any suggestions?
  7. curtimus

    unit 23 advice

    feel free to PM me...and i will try to block info to the public, i just dont know how technologically illiterate...
  8. curtimus

    unit 23 advice

    thanks guys really appreciate it... firstcouse in reply to your comment: now 50,000 people have to draw the tag...which limits it to 275 people, big unit lots of room for everyone which is the nice thing bout the draw system and the common decency of these guys sharing some tips...I always try to do the same as long it doesn't spoil my hunt or give away my secrets....good karma, you reap what you sow.
  9. curtimus

    unit 23 advice

    thanks Az Ruger thats the kind of advice I was looking for...I will fill you in on the outcome and if I can return the favor let me know.
  10. curtimus

    unit 23 advice

    I drew the nov rifle deer hunt for unit 23 couse I know nothing about unit 23 any advice from someone who knows where to start appreciated. Im not looking for your secret spot just some good advice on where to glass or start hunting, buddies whom I trust tell me start at Young and go North glassing... thank you in advance.