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  1. LifeFeedsOnLife

    How's the AZGFD E-Tag app?

    For sure. Lighter, tag, sharpie it's easy to lose anything. Just gotta be careful regardless what you use. It's a bigger pain though to replace a lost tag than to grab more tape or anything to just wrap around the antler and write on.
  2. LifeFeedsOnLife

    How's the AZGFD E-Tag app?

    This year I wrapped a strip of tape around a lighter which I always have in my pack anyway and threw in a sharpie. Pretty lightweight and straightforward.
  3. LifeFeedsOnLife

    Interesting grid

  4. LifeFeedsOnLife

    Kifaru Hoodlum vs 44 Mag

    I have the reckoning which is similar to the hoodlum. It slims down into a great day pack. I'm personally not a fan of the Stryker. The way they sit away from the frame for the load shelf bothers me because there's more movement from the bag if that makes sense.
  5. LifeFeedsOnLife

    SPF 6.5 creedmoor ammunition

    I wasn't able to pm you but I'd take a box if any sales fall through.
  6. LifeFeedsOnLife

    Harvest Limit Question

    The just 27 and 28 hunts are mule deer, 27/28 is wt.
  7. LifeFeedsOnLife

    Where's the best hand tossed pizza in Arizona?

    Myke's in downtown Mesa is good.
  8. LifeFeedsOnLife

    Outdoorsman pack

  9. LifeFeedsOnLife

    Outdoorsman pack

    I'd trade you but I'm in Mesa.
  10. LifeFeedsOnLife

    6lb black chihuahua white chest sycamore

    Coyote bait.
  11. LifeFeedsOnLife

    7 day backcountry elk hunt

    It does seem like a fun time but I'm not sure I'd limit myself to the wilderness on that hunt.
  12. LifeFeedsOnLife

    Draw Results

    5B N early archery for me.
  13. LifeFeedsOnLife

    Guide Recommendation

    G3 has killed some good ones in 22S.
  14. LifeFeedsOnLife

    The other draw (The Grand)

    Did it on a research trip in June 2020. It's hot af but not bad if you keep covered and jump in every so often. Sleep as close to the river as possible for the cooling effect. If you can find out the dam release schedule. We had small cots but one guy set up too close and woke up with water running under him and had some stuff washed away.