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  1. P.R.I

    WTB Rem 700 LA bottom metal

    Message sent
  2. P.R.I

    Goulds in 31

    I cant get the video link to work?
  3. P.R.I

    Goulds in 31

    Curious how your hunt went Wagges I drew 31 first hunt this year!
  4. P.R.I

    Savage 12FV?

    Thanks Shrek!
  5. P.R.I

    Savage 12FV?

    Shrek what ammo are you shooting? I just bought this rifle a couple weeks ago! Have you done any work or upgraded it in any way?
  6. This harness is brand new received as Christmas gift but not the one I wanted they are $100 online. Located in Peoria 98th ave & deer valley. Thanks!
  7. P.R.I

    Eberlestock X2 Pack F/S

    Brand new condition used once, I belive it is the open timber camo. Only reason im selling is because I want a larger back. Asking $150.
  8. P.R.I

    Kansas 2013 Trip

    What part of Kansas were you in, western?
  9. P.R.I

    Selling sheds

    Looking for someone who buys sheds in the phoenix area any help would be great! Also does anybody know the going rate?
  10. P.R.I

    spring results

    Congrats! Was curious how many bonus you had so i have an idea how long i need to wait? Ha Ha