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  1. My niece sent a photo to my work e-mail. I will see if I can post it come Monday evening.
  2. Success! It was only a spike, but with a handgun they are all trophies to me. There are very few bucks to be found this year. I wonder what became of the four multi pointed bucks that I spotted on Columbus day?
  3. Thanks Nitemann that was a great article. I have both of Bob's handgun hunting, special magazines that Guns and Ammo put out in the early eighties. This article was in the second magazine. When I bought my contender frame 32 years ago, I tried to obtain a 10" 6 TCU but they had been discontinued and suppliers only had Super 14s left in stock. Like a fool, I bought a 10" 223 Rem barrel instead. Last year I accidently bumped into a 14" 6mmTCU barrel with a Burris 3-12 and dies on Gunbroker. It is now my barrel, but I wish I hadn't waited so long! I have a gong set up at 200 yards and have alot of fun ringing it, I was given a bunch of 65-70 grain hp benchrest bullets (Shilen and Bruno) and have been having fun with them over 28 grains of BLC-2. I know that some are using 70 grain bullets for feral hogs and deer it just seems a little light for animals of that size, but it is hard to argue with sucess. I know that at 200 yds the 70 grain 6mm bullets crater my gong more than a 68 grain HP Hornady out of a 223 rifle. Thank you to all who responded! Bisbee
  4. I used the 7mm v-max on a mulie buck with a 7mm TCU and it was a complete pass through. He didn't take another step. Many pistols have significantly less velocity than rifles, making thin jacketed bullets expand like a heavier jacket would at a higher velocity. I would experiment with the 87 grain to see how they hold together at my velocities rather than experimenting on live game. What would Bob Milek do?
  5. I have and I'm planning on using either 85 grain Sierra spitzers or Hornady 87 grain V-max.
  6. I found out tonight that I'll be whitetail hunting come October. I have been practicing with my Contender, using a 6mm tcu barrel for the last year. I'm ready.
  7. That is a good video. Thanks for sharing with us.
  8. Bisbee

    Just got a CC hit!!!

    I'm in. I just don't know if I was drawn for Bull or cow. Tom Petty said that the waiting is the hardest part, he might have been right.
  9. Bisbee

    9mm for Coues Deer.

    Maybe your rifle self-identifies as a 9mm handgun? In today's climate it could happen.
  10. Bisbee

    Anyone selling a side by side?

    I must be getting old, when I saw side by side, I thought double barrel shotgun!
  11. Beautiful, be sure to let us know how she shoots too.
  12. I'll be heading up to 7W on Saturday. I'm not to happy with all the snow. Looks like a white adventure is in store!
  13. Bisbee

    6a Muzzy bull

    Knock em dead!
  14. Bisbee

    Unit 1 Semi live late archery hunt

    Great photos and storytelling. I will be hunting in a few weeks and this makes me anxious to be there. Thanks for sharing!