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  1. I'll be heading up to 7W on Saturday. I'm not to happy with all the snow. Looks like a white adventure is in store!
  2. Bisbee

    6a Muzzy bull

    Knock em dead!
  3. Bisbee

    Unit 1 Semi live late archery hunt

    Great photos and storytelling. I will be hunting in a few weeks and this makes me anxious to be there. Thanks for sharing!
  4. That was great! Thanks for the link to the video.
  5. Bisbee

    Results are posted!!!

    Me and five hundred & forty nine of my "closest friends" will be hunting bull elk in unit 7 west, next November 29 -December 5th.
  6. Bisbee

    CC Hit

    .I'm in! Now just to know when and where.
  7. Delw, I got a kick out of your mention of Greenwater. My family used to go there when I was growing up, in Puyallup during the 60s and 70s. My grandpa used to hunt there in the 50s. We moved away in 76.
  8. Bisbee

    Successful Handgun Hunts

    I was lucky to take a three point (western count) mulie in Montana this fall, using my 7mm TCU Contender. It was something that I have wanted to do for over 30 years so it was a big deal for me.
  9. Bisbee

    Female Lions

    If hunting were the primary cause of declining deer numbers, why are we not swimming in does and fawns? Human hunters are killing only bucks.
  10. Bisbee


    What is a 22 Wir?
  11. Bisbee

    Looks like cold weather coming

  12. I went out on Friday with a orthopedic sling on my arm due to shoulder surgery two weeks ago. I had put a bipod on my 6.5 Creedmoor AR so that I could shoot it. I put a fork horn down at about 8:30. The buck went down immediately. My brother and sweet sister in law drug it out for me, over a mile to the truck! It don't get much better than this.
  13. Bisbee

    Quick 34A Question

    Oak and junipers areas do much better than the pine forests, if that is what you are asking.