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    Unit 1 Flat top hunt

    I had that hunt last year in August. It is tough at best. I never even saw a cow, only a bull. I would be happy to share with you what I learned. PM me if interested.
  2. I think that I have the picture attached properly. The taxidermist said that it scores over 22, he thought 22 1/4. We knew it was a big bear but had no idea that it was that big. We just wanted to find an official measurer who can tell us for sure what it measures.
  3. Last year we killed a pretty good bear and have been trying to find someone who is an official measurer for Boone and Crockett. Unfortunately on the B&C website you get an error code when you try to use their "Locate an Official Measurer" page. The skull is in Globe AZ but I live in Tucson, so either place would work fine. Does anyone know of someone that I could try to contact? The taxidermist scored it and got us pretty excited, so any help is appreciated. Thanks, Tyler
  4. Thanks for all the replies. It was a great hunt we had a lot of fun. KDL has really got the varmit calling figured out. Both bears were sows.
  5. tylerd

    Horse slaughter houses to open again

    Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and I respect that. With that said, however, from the facts posted by Amanda we see that 63.9 million dollars was spent in 2010 managing "wild" horses. It was reported in the recent media that in 2005 before the repeal of federal funding for the inspection of horse slaughter that it was a $64 million a year industry. It is ironic that these figures are so close. We have gone from a $64 million economic boost (largely based upon exports) to the opposite in management. To me at this point with our struggling economy we must make financial decisions and swallow some of our emotions. Tyler
  6. tylerd

    Martinez SOLD US OUT!!!

    I just wanted to be the voice for the land owners, and more specifically the ranchers. Just remember for all of us hunting is a hobby, a very serious hobby in many cases, however ranchers make their living off of the land and the damage and cost caused by wildlife far exceeds the compensation from land owner permits. Therefore as frustrated as we may get with decreasing opportunity to hunt, try to imagine if it was a decreasing opportunity at income to your household. Hope this increases perspective. Tyler