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  1. Kelco

    Bear Meat

    I asked the question to know and understand the law so I can follow it exactly. No other reason!!
  2. Kelco

    Bear Meat

    Thank you!
  3. Kelco

    Garmin 66i

    New Garmin 66i $450 OBO.
  4. Kelco

    unit 27 early archery

    Call Jeff from Hunt hard they are awesome in 27.
  5. A/C actually works great.
  6. Kelco

    WTB Polaris Ranger

    I have one for sale. A 2018 NorthStar 2 seater. Its an awesome machine.
  7. gilbert, Az Pecos n Higley
  8. 2018 Polaris Northstar XP 1000 for sale. Includes Baja Designs 20" front light bar, 10" front light bar and 2 front cube lights, 10" rear light bar, braided rope winch, tinted windows. Also available for $750 is an additional 4 year extended warranty. This machine has 49 hrs and 546 miles it is in excellent condition. The lights are fantastic. $19,750. NorthStar version has air conditioning, heat, and windshield wipers.