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  1. papa

    Were having a great yr so far..

    Very nice! Congrats.
  2. papa

    My daughter first bull hunt

    Congrats to the young Lady on a fine Bull.
  3. papa

    The Left Over Luck Buck

    Great Buck Congrats.
  4. papa

    My son's great season

    Congrats! that young man is on a roll.
  5. I am with you on this. I have seen the Coues unit we hunt drop in numbers and quality with 4 hunts going from October to December the deer never get a rest. I read an article that the game and fish said the kill percentage was right at the same number prior to them changing the hunt dates and number of permits. This BS I will tell you I have seen the decline in deer numbers each year. there is a family that each year have around 10 tags in there group and nothing was safe (2 TAGS 4 GUNS IN RANGER) if it had horns watch out it would be hanging in a tree. G/F notified nothing has happened yet. This year they spent more time out and found no deer. This particular area has been thinned pretty deep. Until the game and fish can come to their scenes we as sportsmen must practice are own wildlife management and reframe form taking the amount of game some family harvests or the quality of game harvests. I know I will get some repercussion on my statement so be it Its not what I would like to see for me I have killed my share of big Bucks its what I would like to see for my grand sons. Did not put in for this unit mainly so that I did not cross paths with this group. Tried another unit and shot a nice 4x4 at 722 yards we also saw 4 more that were shooter bucks. Sorry for the ramp.
  6. papa

    Lifetime of waiting!!!

    That is to cool! Congrats to the hunter.
  7. papa

    The ladies got it done

    Here are two great late Bulls Congrats Ladies.
  8. Great Buck! Congrats young Man.
  9. papa

    Bigger Than Last Year?

    Congrats to your daughter on a great buck.
  10. papa

    Late 8 Five by Freak Bull

    Congrats on a nice Bull!
  11. papa

    6x6 Bull Killed, Crazy Story!

    Congrats on a great Bull along with some good shooting.
  12. papa

    10 year olds first buck 3x3

    Congrats young man! Great shot and great Buck.
  13. papa

    Finally got it done late season bull

    That is a great Bull congrats.
  14. papa

    1st BowElk Hunt

    Congrats on a very nice Bull.
  15. papa

    Limited Opp Any Elk Hunt Success - Two for One

    Congrats on a nice Bull.
  16. papa

    Metate Found

    Very cool! I have found two during my journey's.
  17. papa

    Video of my November hunt

    That was great! Congrats on a great Buck.
  18. papa

    My 2014 Coues Buck

    Pretty Buck Congrats.
  19. papa

    Nephew's U10 "Big Bo" buck...

    That is a very nice Buck Congrats.
  20. papa

    Oct. Rifle Hunts 2 for 2

    Congrats to both you and your buddy on two great bucks.
  21. papa

    4x5 Non-Typical

    Great job. Congrats
  22. papa

    Finally Tagged out

    Nothing wrong with that one. Congrats.
  23. papa

    Hunting with my boy-good times

    Congrats to your son that is a great Buck!