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  1. papa

    Wifes first archery bull

    Looks like the ladies are getting it done Congrats on a nice Bull!
  2. papa

    2014 DIY unit 9 archery bull elk

    That is a great Bull! Congrats.
  3. papa

    Wife held out for a nice bull

    Congrats to your wife that is an outstanding Bull!
  4. papa

    2014 AZ ELK (Pic Intensive)

    Congrats on a nice Bull, great pictures.
  5. papa

    2014 archery bull "mr. lopside"

    Congrats to you and your buddies! Some great Bulls.
  6. papa

    MY 2014 Bear!!!

    Congrats on a nice Bear smitty. we hunted 24A as well those gnats ate us up.
  7. papa

    First Archery Bull with a Little Luck (7E)

    Congrats on a nice Bull.
  8. papa

    My 2014 Archery Bull

    Congrats on a nice Bull!
  9. papa

    My AZ Bull

    Congrats on a great Bull!
  10. papa

    My first bull

    Great Bull Congrats!
  11. papa

    my son's first antelope

    Congrats to your son and you as well! Brings back a lot of memories of when my son was around your sons age.
  12. papa

    My Bride and her buck **UPDATED***LOL

    Congrats. Tina that is a great Buck!. Gino did you make that rack above your bed on your ranger? I need to do something like that.
  13. papa

    Opening Day Muzzleloader Buck

    Super nice Buck! Congrats.
  14. A great Coues Buck Congrats on a job well done.
  15. papa

    First Archery Deer!!!!!!!

    Congrats on a nice Buck!
  16. papa

    2014 off range oryx

    You are having a heck of a year Josh. Congrats.
  17. papa

    Talk to me about Blue Heelers

    I have a pup I got from Gino (aka Coues & Sheep ) she is just over a year old. I take her everywhere I go we just did two bear hunts in unit 23S & 24A she was by my side the whole time. I have a 3 year old granddaughter that is all over her with no problems. Simply said great dog.
  18. papa

    first coues down!

    Super nice buck! Congrats
  19. papa

    Sow and cub

    Very nice footage.
  20. Nice job! Love the color.
  21. papa

    2014 bear

    Congrats Josh! got the text from you while we were glassing. We were going to head up to where you were camped last year to see if you were there but never made it.
  22. papa

    first bear

    Nice job Congrats.
  23. Thanks Waylon will put it to work! My son found two this afternoon.
  24. papa

    Finally got a bear!

    Congrats on a great Bear! We met and talked Friday night as you were coming off the mountain. we called one in Saturday could not seal the deal.