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    Back to back Coues in unit 4A

    Thats great man! Congrats!
  2. Its about time you joined this site! Congrats Jonny! Maybe next year huh?
  3. doogan

    The Hunt

    Thats awesome!
  4. doogan

    My Brothers 160" Buck

    Thats awesome! Congrats on a great buck! I'd shoot that every year if given the chance!
  5. doogan

    My "first" hunt

    Congrats on a fun hunt! To me its just great to get out there and square off with a critter whose whole day is spent surviving till tomorrow. Success will come your way soon! Keep it up and keep having fun!
  6. I love it when a plan comes together! (Yes I watched the A-Team last night!) LOL Congrats on an AMAZING buck!! That is AWESOME!
  7. doogan


    Freakin' AWESOME! Congrats on an amazing buck!
  8. doogan

    Sunday Morning Success with pics

    Nice buck man! Congrats!
  9. doogan

    Another long range coues down!

    Awesome! Congrats guys!
  10. doogan

    2013 leftover tag buck!

    Right on! Nice buck!
  11. doogan

    Unit 22N Cow Hunt

    My two brother in laws drew cow tags this year. We were able to fill both tags and had a great time too. We also got some much appreciated help from mbiewer here on CWT, thanks Matt! One of my bro in laws Stephen has never taken a big game animal, so my other bro in law TJ and I had committed to helping him do this. Or at least give him as much of an opportunity as we could. Stephen has hunted with us for 10 years and has seen our successes but never his own. Opening morning we were into elk from the word go. We had Stephen on 3 different cows all within 120 yards, one at 60-80, but we just couldn't make it happen. We had hiked about a mile and a half from camp up on a ridge line. I found an elk super highway that ran through a small clearing, it had some very fresh sign in it. Knowing that with the full moon the elk would be up and moving later in the day, we sat and waited. About an hour and a half later TJ turned to me and asked what the plan was. I chuckled and said "we wait some more". As I was speaking a cow walked out so I told TJ to shoot it since Stephen was not in a position to. BOOM! One down one to go! So after taking care of the dirty work we still had to pack her off the mountain and get her to the processor. We didn't get back to camp with much time to hunt that evening so we ate well and slept even better. Saturday morning was the same as Friday- into elk right away. I had told Stephen that he needed to shoot one before the sun came up so we weren't fighting the heat like we were the day before. At 6:40 a half mile behind camp, a cow walked out at 30 yards! Luckily Stephen had his gun in his hands and not on his shoulder! So I told him to shoot her and BOOM! She dropped like a ton of bricks- I mean her legs tucked up before she hit the ground! I was so excited I think my war whoop was louder than Stephens! I don't think I've seen a bigger smile on his face in 10 years! Like I said we were only a half mile from camp, so we were able to drag her back whole since it was all downhill, and skinned her out in the back of the truck. This was a great trip topped off by The Lord helping us to fill both tags! Trust me when I say that that second cow was an answer to many prayers! And smiles like that are what makes it all worth it! Cant wait to do it again, we have late Nov wt tags down in 36! Should be fun!
  12. doogan

    San Carlos R-100 buck

    Dang Dude that is an amazing buck! Congrats!
  13. WOW!! That is AWESOME!!! Congrats to Julius. Let us know the score of that bad boy please!
  14. doogan

    New Mexico Bull

    Congrats! Good lookin bull!
  15. doogan

    Help with score

    I called one of my buddys who is one of the owners of High Desert Outfitters, they are mainly sheep guides. He said that he might go better than 160", he has decent mass. But that he also had bad sinitus on that left horn. I asked if that was what the chunk missing was, and he said yes. And that it also meant that he could lose that horn at any time. If he still has the horn in Dec I say shoot him, if not go to plan B. Hope this helps.
  16. doogan

    Unit 22N Cow Hunt

    Nice! Tie one to a tree for me lol. We'll be there Nov 29- Dec 8. Good luck!
  17. doogan

    Fox with bow last year

    Thats awesome!
  18. doogan

    Rooster Sauce

    Try the Iguana brand of hot sauces. I've found them at Cafe Rio and I think Whole Foods carries it too, I've seen it at Firehouse subs too. They have a couple different kinds and heat levels, all of them have an iguana in some kind of costume on the front. My favorite is the Iguana Gold- yellow habanero. There is a XXX Radioactive looking one as well- its hot Give 'em a try.
  19. doogan

    three weeks from now

    Congrats on your tag! Should be fun, i was up there this weekend on the cow hunt. Lots of bulls still bugling all night long, unfortunately they probably wont be by the time your hunt starts. Good luck!
  20. doogan

    What kind of track is this?

    Its a skin walker bro! Set up a trail cam! Maybe next time it'll be a coyote track. lol
  21. doogan

    The Tuff Luck Buck

    Its all worth it in the end when our kids had fun and want to do it again! Congrats on a sweet buck and a lifetime of memories! We don't do it cause its cheap! LOL
  22. doogan

    Unit 27 November Muley hunt

    PM sent