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    Hiking/shooting stick?

    We've uses dead century plant and made our own. Super light and strong. We drill out a home on top of them and epoxy a V rest into it.
  2. I have a Ruger M77 Mark 2 Stainless steel action and barrel with a Hogue stock on it. Very nice condition. Not shot much, maybe 100-140 rounds fired. Has a BSA 3x10x44 Catseye scope on it. Asking $550 Located in East Mesa.
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    Up for sale is a Glock 30 compact .45. Comes with original box, 2 10 round mags with the pinky extension, has night sights and has only had 1 box of ammo run through it. Extremely good shape. Asking $500 or trade for Vortex 15x50 HDs Located in East Mesa.
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    Looking to buy .300 win mag

    My buddy has a Ruger 77 mark 2 for sale. It's stainless with a synthetic Hogue stock on it, a cheaper BSA 3.5-10x44 scope on it. Comes with some rounds and brass also. He's asking $550
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    New Mexico Antelope Video

    Great video!! I loved my 1 antelope hunt, and can't wait for my next!
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    Bump, price drop to $500
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    I am deplorable

    She'll just say she was overcome with emotion. That woman is an absolute piece of crap, evil to the core.
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    Upright Freezer

    What are the dimensions?
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    Vanguard tripod

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    Vanguard tripod

    For sale is a like new Vanguard 264 AO tripod. This tripod is in almost perfect condition. All foam leg protectors are perfect, there are a few very small scratches on the top of the legs, extends to 6' tall to the heads plate, so great for most people for glassing standing up. Only reason I am selling is I upgraded to a CF tripod. Has everything it came with new, even the box. These sell for $170+tax at Sportsmans Warehouse. Asking $135
  13. I have a fiberglass camper shell fits a Ford Ranger for sale. Not pretty but the glass is good, struts for the back window are good and it'll keep you and your stuff dry and safe. Asking $40 Located in East Mesa.
  14. So many options for a 700 LA! Serious considerations should be the 6.5x284, 280 Rem, 280 Ackley Imp. There are many options for stocks from traditional to tactical. You could build quite the shooter with that action. There are also many options for barrels, it just depends on what you want to spend. I would suggest contacting southernxpress here and talk options and price. He has built many rifles for my friends and family and I, and does great work. Very accurate rifles.
  15. Check out Boyd's stocks, I know a couple guys with S&W and Howas that use them and like them, I have one on my 300 RUM and like it as well.
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    Looking for a Hunting rifle for a buddy

    That Ruger 7 mag that twigsnapper has for sale for $425 should be just what he needs. That's a strong rifle and every Ruger I've had has shot well.
  17. I second the HSM, they have it loaded with 95 grain Berger VLDs. Should hit like a hammer!
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    Idaho Antelope

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    Thanks guys, picking up a pair this evening.
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    Looking to buy Vortex Viper 10x42 or 10x50. Let me know what you've got and how much. Thanks! Picked some up, thanks for the responses
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    Wtb left hand bow

    Sent you a pm
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    water softener...

    I will post the specs and info on it this evening when I get home.