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  1. First up for sale is a Colt model .357 4" barrel, some holster wear. $600 Next are a couple of packs, first is a Remington approx 2200-2400 cu in, no bladder but hydration ready $50. Next is a Gerber fanny pack with shoulder straps and hydration pack with bladder, hose is missing mouth piece $50. Next is a T C Contender "Super 14" barrel chambered in 357 Herrett. Has open sights as well as a scope rail, Pachmeyer fore end, and leather belt holster. $200 Next up is an older Nikon 800 rangefinder, works good $100 Last but not least is a Badlands bino harness perfect shape, $75 Prices are up for discussion and trades will be considered Thanks
  2. doogan

    Vanguard tripod

  3. doogan


    Still available? And how much does it weigh?
  4. doogan

    Vanguard tripod

  5. doogan

    Nice Smallie

    Very nice!
  6. doogan

    Coues rifle

    I just might have to acquire one of those 264's! Was going to build a 6.5 x 284 but- oh heck I'll just get both! Lol
  7. doogan

    New 300 rum

    I'm pretty sure I saw some of the 212 eld x at the Mesa Sportsmans Warehouse about a week ago. I shoot the 210 Berger Hunting VLD and it shoots amazing.
  8. doogan

    Wts ruger single six 22/22mag

    Still available?
  9. doogan

    Bunch of Guns For Sale *price drop

    Good luck young man! I served a mission 20 years ago in the far away land of San Diego LOL. Spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ is such a wonderful calling! And dont worry about your guns, no matter how hard Obama tries, guns will still be here when you get back!
  10. I have for sale an unfired Glock 23 Gen 4. Comes with 3 15 round mags, a double mag belt pouch, a blackhawk serpa holster, a leather IWB holster, the Glock tupperware box with all paper work, all backstraps, speed loader, cleaning rod and brush and the test fired case from Glock. It will also come with a .357 Sig barrel for it, will also include 50 rounds of .40 and 50 rounds of .357 Sig. $700 or trade towards a nice AR.
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    dang that's nice
  12. I have a Rossi .44 mag lever action, 20" round barrel, 10 + 1 capacity. This is a GREAT rifle, it surprised me how accurate is was when I shot it. It shoots anything you feed it really well, especially like the leverevution stuff. I've hit jackrabbits at 125 yards offhand with it. I wouldn't hesitate to shoot a deer with it, it's an awesome javelina gun too! $400
  13. doogan

    What was your first hunting rifle?

    An old Mossberg model 800A in .308, now it's getting an overhaul, going to be a 6.5 Creedmoor soon!
  14. doogan

    Selling: Swarovski 5-25x52 Z5 new

    Bump for my buddy, somebody needs this! This is a bad a** scope!
  15. doogan

    223 single shot

    bump for the 223, sweet little gun!
  16. doogan

    SOLD .44 Mag Lever Action for sale

    I know you did bud, if it falls through I'll let you know.
  17. doogan

    7mm Rem Mag Memorial Build

    That's awesome Lance! I'm sure it will be an amazing shooter when you're all done. Good work man!
  18. doogan

    SOLD .44 Mag Lever Action for sale

    I know but transmission shop calling wifes car and ac shop calling my car. not sure why both had to crap out within 2 days Yes you need the transmission, but its January you dont need a/c! lol it can wait until your tax refund riiiigghhtt??? :-)
  19. doogan

    SOLD .44 Mag Lever Action for sale

    Thanks hoghntr! This one's calling your name buddy!
  20. doogan

    SOLD .44 Mag Lever Action for sale

    I bought it used about 15 years ago, but it's spent most of its life in my safe.