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    My 2013 Desert Buck

    Awesome!! Congrats on a great buck and getting to share that experience with your fiance.
  2. Looks like a lot of fun right there!
  3. Unfortunately You will just have to buy a few boxes of different brands/loads till you find what your particular rifle likes. I am just getting into reloading and finding that 'right load' for my rifle. For years I exclusively shot the Remington 180 grn Scirocco power level 3 out of my .300 RUM, and it shot under an inch so i never changed anything. I started playing last year and bought some Nosler trophy grade stuff with the 180 grn Accubond, it is an awesome round but didnt shoot as well in my rifle. It shoots great for other guys though. .300 RUM ammo isn't cheap, but to find the one that shoots for you, you'll have to spend the money.
  4. Well 125 of you dirty rats got my Dec tag,i will forgive you though. I will however shoot the big one (yes there's only 1 lol) on my hunt! Good luck to everyone out there in CWT land, be safe and shoot straight.
  5. doogan

    White Chevy with camper in Heber for the fireworks

    That's why I always have a kitty tag in my pocket!
  6. doogan

    White Chevy with camper in Heber for the fireworks

    LOL That was me! 1500 x-cab long bed 4x4, always representing the best things in life- Coues deer hunting and ASU footbal! You can bear down all you want, we"ll still put a fork in your a$$!! LOL
  7. doogan

    and for shooting coyotes...

    A .300 RUM is the perfect coyote medicine! A 125 grn NBT going a gozillion feet per second vaporizes them, I actually dont know if I've ever hit one..... but the pink mist is a strong indicator! LOL
  8. doogan

    Unit 33, 2450 Coues tags!

    I think its a little ridiculous too! They give out 2390 coues tags in 36b! Yeah there's deer there but not that many!
  9. doogan

    Whats in your holster ?

    Thats a sweet hog leg! You have a buyer if your ever in the mood to sell that bad boy!
  10. doogan

    Whats in your holster ?

    Ruger SR9C, S&W Shield in 9mm, but I always seem to carry either my Colt 1911 or my S&W 686 .357!
  11. doogan

    2014 Elk and Antelope Draw Odds

    8 points for antelope- rifle unit 2a, archery unit 17b 6 points for elk- late rifle bull unit 27 and 1, then archery bull in both also, just to see what my odds are And thanks for doing this, I'm sure this takes you more time than you'd like to admit!
  12. doogan

    Trophy Javelina

    That is awesome! Congrats! I've seen pics of blonde pigs in Mexico but not here, great find.
  13. doogan

    How many animals have you harvested in Arizona

    Great topic! Rifle 1 Antelope 2 Cow Elk 2 Mule Deer 1 Whitetail 1 Javelina Archery 1 Javelina
  14. doogan

    2013 Archery Rocky Mtn Bighorn Sheep Video

    Thats amazing Brian! Congrats on a great ram, and to do it with your bow is even sweeter! Absolutely awesome!!!
  15. So we drew the Nov 29-Dec 8 hunt this year. My brother in law TJ always goes to Utah for Thanksgiving to see his folks, so we opted out of opening weekend for the first time ever. We left town with my other brother in law Stephen on Thurs the 5th thinking that this weekend would be better than the first because it would be colder, and it was. That storm blew through on Wed and dropped the temps just right. No sooner than when we were set up, a guy named Brandon or Brendon came by camp. He told us he was glad to see us because he was hunting alone and just saw 4 uda's come over the ridge south of us and were acting weird- like watching him as he watched them. They took off further to the west and were never seen again. Brandon told us he had been hunting all week and the deer were moving a lot better since the storm came through. He told us he had to go to the unit next to us to guide another hunt, but was going to go out one more time before he left- famous last words! We got settled in and started glassing the mountain north of camp. Wednesday came to a close with no deer spotted. We were sitting around the fire that night and Brandon came flying into camp on his quad hollering that he had shot the biggest whitetail he had ever seen! We congratulated him and asked where it was. Well it was 9 miles away at the bottom of a canyon! He asked if we could help- heck YES! I want to see this critter! He had shot it and it fell down into a nasty vertical canyon and he said he didn't know how we could get to it. He also said that he had called his dad and one of the other guides and that the other guide was on his way to help, and that when he got there they would come and get us to go retrieve this deer. I suggested that we wait till morning when it was light, he said we would figure it out when the other guy got there. We never saw him again. His camp was still there when we got up but he was gone, and when we got back to camp that night at about 8:30 his camp was still there but not him. Then the next morning he and his camp were gone. If any of his friends are reading this Please have him get a hold of me I would love to know the end of this story. He also told us he was a steel worker/welder from Tucson if that helps. Back to our story. Thursday morning we set out, glassed, hiked and glassed some more. Lots of does on the move but no bucks. I decided to make a trek out of it and opted to stay out all day. TJ and Stephen went back to camp, had a nice lunch and a nap. I hiked my tail off and ate a payday and water for lunch. After about mile 8 the cramps set in YAY! Keep going dont stop, work through the cramps, keep going keep going. I round the last hill so that camp is now in sight, still a mile or so away. I see the guys leaving camp heading to the east, called them on the radio and told them where I was then headed in for much needed food and water. About a half an hour later as I am walking into camp i hear a shot. I try to get them on the radio- nothing. Then another shot that sounds different than the first. I call again on the radio and hear "yep I got one" from TJ! Now I had just put in about 12 miles, I'm starving, still cramping and a little tired lol. He tells me where they are, its about 2 miles away but pretty easy hiking till you have to climb the knob. I chug a bunch of water, refill the water bladder, eat a banana a sandwich and a doughnut, and away I go. Remember "Pain is temporary, chicks dig scars, but memories last forever." TJs shot was offhand, and about 300 yards uphill. He spined him and then had to finish him with his .357 sig. You can see the 9mm hole under his eye. He tried to put it behind his ear but the deer was still moving his head quite a bit. When I get to them TJ is still working on the skinning. I sit down and take a break, and cape the head. We finish the work in the dark and head back, how I got the whole back end of this critter I'll never know but I do enjoy being a mule! We got back to camp about 8:30 and crashed. This was the only buck spotted on this trip, we saw 40-50 does, and had a great time doing what we love!
  16. doogan

    My Sons elk hunt

    Congrats to you all! Cow hunts are a blast, hopefully you can put them in for AZ this year.
  17. doogan

    Great Calling Winter So Far!!!

    Thats an awesome sight! Congrats and good luck on taking more!
  18. doogan

    .300 Win Mag on Javelina...

    Buy some of Remingtons Managed Recoil rounds, I think it's a 150 gr. bullet loaded to about 30-06 velocities. And it's just a soft point also, pigs aren't thick enough for the bullet to expand that much anyway. Now if you were to use a ballistic tip I'm thinking he would pop like a zit! lol
  19. doogan

    Sweet little palmated buck

    Thanks guys! Yeah were thinking of making a pair of salad tongs out of these antlers LOL!! J/K I will keep trying to find that dude and get the end of the story.
  20. Great story! Wait until you are able to tag one and see how beautiful these little guys are!
  21. doogan

    **Check out this PETA vs Mauled girl clip

    You know, we live in the BEST country in the world, where we are allowed to think, speak, act and worship God any way we choose. That being said-- some a-holes should keep their opinions to themselves!!!! Why do we give these people airtime? Why do we allow them any of our attention? I can't stand STUPID people with STUPID agendas!
  22. doogan

    First Archery Mule Deer 37B

    Congrats man! That's awesome!
  23. doogan

    My first couse

    Awesome! Great looking buck too!
  24. Nice! Should be more quackers on their way down to you soon. Good luck!