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  1. QuigleyCouesHunter

    AZ Jan Coues and Muley

    Awesome bucks guys. What did the muley score?
  2. QuigleyCouesHunter

    Nice First Buck

    Thanks coach, just thought it would be unlikely to be you. caught me showing off didn't ya.
  3. QuigleyCouesHunter

    Nice First Buck

    Ya i am a baseball player for Marana, why do you ask?
  4. QuigleyCouesHunter

    Nice First Buck

    ya i am, expecially because it is my first one, i will have him looking to the right and he will look nice on the wall of our cabin in Alpine.
  5. QuigleyCouesHunter

    Nice First Buck

    Ya SE Arizona it was... anyways, thanks.
  6. QuigleyCouesHunter

    Nice First Buck

    Hey az4life, thanks for the post and the welcome, this is by far the best coues site i have found. Well the first day we went out we saw a buck that was slightly under 100, he was out of range and smart. They can be tricky as we all know. We spotted him on a hill, and had no other choice but to creep in from our location. We startled him out of his bed at about 450 yds and i didn't feel comfortable taking a shot yet at that range. He took off over the mountain through a saddle so we had a long hike up to the saddle where he had crossed. We look over and saw nothing, walked down the other side a ways and threw a few rocks. Before we knew it, the third member that went with us that was glassing the area saw the buck cross right back over and take off down to the flats. He was a smart one, but the bigger and not as smart one the next day was my kill. We hit the hills at daybreak and just as the sun was rising came over a hill, the buck took off towards the top of a hill and i waited because i knew he would stop and look at the top of the hill and sure enough he did, right then i took one shot. I thought that i had missed so glassed a little more before going to check on him, he had run 40 yards after being double lunged, the exit wound on his front thigh, with nearly a 3 inch diameter. It was an easy haul down and it was off to the butcher and taxidermist. So there is the long of the story. The deer was shot in the southeastern part of the state, and yes i did choose the name from the movie. 1200 yards he hits heads at, hah. what region do you hunt in?
  7. QuigleyCouesHunter

    Unit 33 Monster

    Nice buck man, im new to the site, but i bet 33 will be crowded this year due to the fire and good vegetation that has grown. I saw some that came out of there last year that were charcoal black, looked really cool.
  8. QuigleyCouesHunter

    Nice First Buck

    Well i was drawn for a hunt in November, shot this deer on the second day of my hunt. I had a friend show me the area. At 300 yards i double lunged him with a 30-06. I was very pleased with him scoring 95 with a gross 102. His second point was a little small on the left side. oh well, a nice buck!