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  1. kazpilot25

    Tag Numbers are Released

    I pulled tag number 327 for 12AW early rifle. Looks like I'm hunting the kaibab on back to back years. I get a chance at redemption.
  2. I have a whole box of 30-06 once fired brass. Different brands. Probably around 500 or so. $50 or beat offer. Located in surprise.
  3. kazpilot25

    12 East Help

    Haven’t punched it yet. Passed up on a small 3 point twice now. Starting to see them more in the burn now. Today was miserable with the wind. Hardly any deer were active. Tomorrow with the cold weather should help.
  4. kazpilot25

    12 East Help

    Update: went down low and they’re not there yet. No tracks at any water tanks. up high checked all water tanks and trick tanks in the big area around Jacob lake. Only one little trick Tank has water, and only a little. I’m starting to think they’ve left this area in search of water. IT IS DRY!
  5. kazpilot25

    12 East Help

    Thanks everyone. I’m working my way through these little cuts between all the two trackers and glassing as I go. it’s very dry up here, zero dirt tanks have water and aabout 60% of the truck tanks have water.
  6. kazpilot25

    12 East Help

    Hey guys I’m up here on the 12A East rifle hunt and in the past 2 days have seen nothing but does. About 50 of them. Does anyone know what that could mean? Still up high? I’ve talked to a few other hunters who have been up here several times and have had the same experience this year. Previously they said they’d see several bucks by now. Any help is greatly appreciated. I’m hunting around the 225 road at about 8200-8400’
  7. Hey guys, I’m helping out a 13 year old heading out on his first ever hunt starting Friday. He pulled a camp Navajo cow tag and will be hunting the buffer area. Any pointers to help get him in some elk would be greatly appreciated.
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    Still available
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    Price drop.
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    Still available.
  14. kazpilot25

    Champion 1400/1800 watt generator - like new

    Still available.