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  1. kazpilot25

    Tick Tock

    Another day... Another day...
  2. kazpilot25

    Tick Tock

    Another day...
  3. kazpilot25

    Tick Tock

    Looks like it’s not today. Ugh.
  4. kazpilot25

    Rut Activity

    Any reports from 5BS?
  5. kazpilot25

    2 tags 5BS early archery πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

    Dang, snagged them that far off the tank. That's brutal. I've got some on those same tanks locked up, hopefully they're safe.
  6. kazpilot25

    2 tags 5BS early archery πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

    Dang, hopefully they didn't take mine? Were yours locked up?
  7. kazpilot25

    Unit 10 Youth Cow Help

    I figured they'd still be bugling, which should increase the enjoyment factor! I'm way excited for her. Almost as excited as I am about my archery bull tag.
  8. kazpilot25

    2 tags 5BS early archery πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

    Awesome! I have the same tag. I had it in 2017 as well and pulled a nice 320-330" bull. I was in there last weekend and there is water everywhere. Feed looks great too. Should be a fun hunt with the dates pushed back a week too.
  9. kazpilot25

    5B South

    I have the same tag, Killed a nice bull in there in 2017. I'm a bit concerned what the muzzleloader hunt will do to the elk since it's the week before. That being said, roads suck!!!
  10. kazpilot25

    Unit 10 Youth Cow Help

    My daughter pulled her first ever elk tag this year and it actually starts on her 10th birthday, 10/2. She pulled the unit 10 youth cow hunt and I don't know too much about the unit. I hunted archery cow in there just north of Williams several years ago and didn't see a whole lot. I'm thinking about hunting the big Bo since it's only $1 for the youth hunt. If anyone can provide some tips or help so we can get her some opportunities and make her first hunt a great experience it would be much appreciated.
  11. kazpilot25

    Rut Activity

    I'm jealous. I've got the 5BS tag so it doesn't start until 9/18. Hopefully the muzzleloader hunt doesn't mess them up too much.
  12. Tent is sold. Thanks for the interest.
  13. My 10x14 Kodiak is definitely small when I set them up side by side. I still love the Kodiak though.
  14. Sad to see this go, but the wife wants a travel trailer. I ordered this tent in 2018 as a custom order from Davis Tent and Awning. It has 3 large zip up windows on each side as well as screen doors and storm doors on each end. Includes the full floor with zip out area for the stove, full rain fly that extends to create a porch awning, full internal frame w/ porch, pole bags for all three size poles, camp chef wood burning stove, and canvas bags for the fly/floor and angle pieces. I have over $3,000 invested in this setup and it has only been used about 5 times. Again, sad to see it go, but someone will enjoy this thing way more. **EDIT BASED ON QUESTIONS I'VE RECEIVED** No tears, holes, leaks, or anything. It's really perfect and basically new (except maybe some dirt that can't be avoided). I have set it up by myself, but it's much easier with 2-3 people. 1 can definitely do it alone though. I actually set it up by myself the very first time. I had it up (minus staking it down) in about 30 minutes. Although that was without the rain fly or patio awning. As far as water proof coatings, the only thing that has ever been done was from Davis. I ordered the tent with the Sunforger water/mildew resistant treatment. Therefore the canvas itself is technically Marine grade Sunforger canvas. The tent itself is 16'x20' of floorspace, not including the awning/patio. The cool thing with the awning/patio is that it is optional. You can either choose to set it up or not. It is an additional 7' extended on the front end if setup. SOLD
  15. kazpilot25

    Tag Numbers are Released

    I pulled tag number 327 for 12AW early rifle. Looks like I'm hunting the kaibab on back to back years. I get a chance at redemption.