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  1. shurtzgarret

    Swarovski stx 65mm

    Pm sent
  2. shurtzgarret

    SOLD Leica RF binos Price drop!

    Tried pming says you can’t receive messages
  3. shurtzgarret


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  4. shurtzgarret

    2017 rifle coues biggest buck to date

    Thanks guys! Shes definitely a keeper and a blast to hunt with!
  5. Well I was able to wrap my 2017 tag around a beautiful buck this year! This is my third rifle tag in a row and I am super greatful and blessed to have taken such an awesome deer! My girlfriend was also able to take a very old and funky buck on her mule deer hunt this weekend. Hope you enjoy! Feel free to comment on what you guys think he will score! Thank you
  6. Did you have a dealer delete it? Been looking to get mine flashed and "Re" programed I actually had a buddy help me out with it. Ordered efi live kory Willis addition it comes pre tuned with 5 set tunes for a stock transmission
  7. Got my truck just about where I want it! Leveled on 33s deleted and programmed
  8. shurtzgarret

    Brothers first deer!

    Found a very nice buck the Wednesday before the hunt started. It was a nice coues buck probably in the mid to upper 90s. Opening morning we were able to locate the buck and get to within 150 yards of the buck bedded. Brother ended up missing the buck after he got out of his bed and would never stop moving for a good shot. He finally stopped at 400 yards and my brother shot barely missing him. He was bummed but I told him to keep his head up the hunt just started. We moved country and found this buck bedded around 1230 in the after noon. After a quick stock and a 270 yard shot this buck was all his and he couldn't be more excited!!
  9. shurtzgarret

    Got mounts back

    Got mine and my girlfriends mounts back! They turned out amazing. Let me know what you guys think? And also guesses on scores
  10. shurtzgarret

    Night Force SHV & Burris XTR II Scopes

    I love my Burris xtr it has amazing glass and the reticles are awesome!
  11. This year was one that I will remember forever. I've been on a lot of coues hunts but this is my first coues tag of my own. I had the first hunt in 31 and was super excited to see what this year would bring. With all the moisture we received this year I knew there would be some great bucks hitting the ground. Opening morning came and went which ended up resulting in me missing an absolute giant which we thought would go around 110-115. I kept my head up and kept hunting knowing there would be another opportunity through out the day. The last hour of light of opening day I ended up finding this buck and dropping him in his tracks at 280 yards. Next it was my girlfriends turn. She usually hunts mule deer but unfortunately did not get a tag this year. I ended up getting her a leftover tag for unit 32 and with not much hope of finding a good buck we decided to hunt an area I have never been in before. We got out there Saturday evening and set up camp. Sunday morning was super windy but I was able to locate this buck and she laid the hammer down at 380 yards. To say I was amazed was understatement. She had just killed a 100 inch buck and this was our first time ever looking at this country. I think she might be hooked for life now.
  12. shurtzgarret

    youth hunters getting ready

    Let's see some pics of some nice bucks you guys have been seeing to get these youth hunters excited for their up coming hunt next weekend! Thanks for sharing in advance!
  13. shurtzgarret

    One very large mount

    How much does a piece like that weigh?