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    Hunting, Fishing, Photography, Motorcycles.
  1. KevinG

    Anybody used a SwingBlade knife before

    Another vote for the swingblade or swingblaze and flip n zip, both have made my cleaning/skinning jobs easier. Just an FYI, you can send them in for free sharpening for life.
  2. That snowman is sporting some wood.
  3. For those still needing help, I took a few pictures of my assembly before changing triggers to my Jewel trigger. Hope it helps some of you. Kevin
  4. Just a couple things unions made possible that people take for granted, daily: 8 hour work days, 40 hour work weeks, weekends, child labor laws, OSHA, minimum wage and whole lot more all brought to you from UNIONS!!!!! So if you think unions are the enemy, you are wrong. That is living breathing proof unions don’t just fight for union members. Our entire country benefits from unions and has for hundreds of years. Guess the unions need to do a little more on my part - 12 hour days and 48 hour work week every other week. Not that I'm knocking them - just saying
  5. KevinG

    2012 archery bull az

    You could start a forest fire with all that wood! Nice bull.
  6. KevinG

    Here is a few pics from last week

    Heck, there's not that much activity at my house.
  7. KevinG

    Meat care help?

    Agreed, aging should be done at refrigerated temperatures - 3 days for every 100lbs.
  8. KevinG

    Pack animals??

    Now that is one heck of a cool idea - goats. What kind of goats are those and where can I get one - and how much?
  9. KevinG

    My lunchtime buck

    Lunch time is better that having to pinch one off time!
  10. KevinG


    Nothing worse than having to pack them out of rough country, nice when it works out to your advantage.
  11. KevinG

    Second day buck

    That's a skyscraper there.
  12. I start with a small square of rag wrapped around my brush and sprayed with oil. Then pass through the bore from the breach end out 10 times. Then put a clean patch on the brush and push it through so 1/2 is sticking out the end of the barrel and coat it with bore cleaner. Then pass through 10 more times. Then a clean patch on the brush and pass more 10 times, then a patch on the brush coated with oil 10 more times. I repeat the clean dry patch and the oil patch until the bore is clear. I end on an oil patch (for longer storage).
  13. KevinG

    Crushed by my Quad.....almost.

    Trailer didn't help me much, my trailer came unhitched from the ball (turned out to be the threaded rod needed tightening) when I tried to drive up. It sent me and the bike backwards - natural instinct was to give it gas, drove right off the end of the trailer. Funny part is before riding up on the trailer I jumped up and down on that thing to make sure it was seated properly.