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  1. BigGameHunter

    .243 or 7-08 for Youth Cow

    My son knocked down his cow elk with a .243 (95 grain). That was a 125yd shot.
  2. BigGameHunter

    .243 for elk?

    Yes, on my son's first cow hunt I struggled with this question. I spent week's researching it and looking up ballistics, range, etc. At the end of the day, my son knocked down his cow from 125 yards and she only ran 25 yards before hitting the ground. I am sure everyone in here has their opinions on ammo but we opted for a 90grain bullet and it worked great. Now, we were "lucky" in that the shot was relatively close, but I would have been comfortable on that bullet choice upto 200yds. With him, at that time, having limited range time we made the choice to stay inside of 200 on all shots. Bottomline, your .243 will work. I had the meat in the freezer to prove it. Good luck out there with the kid(s). There is no greater feeling as a parent to hunt with your kids.
  3. BigGameHunter

    5BS- First scout

    This whole unit is full of elk .... there aren't too many bad spots. I am betting you fill the tag
  4. BigGameHunter

    Shed Hunting

    When do you guys start shed hunting? How much do you use your optics vs. your boots?
  5. BigGameHunter

    2016 Rut Activity

    Saw a lot more activity this weekend in my area. Finally had one of the big boys move in to kick out some of the spikes ... but let's be honest. I'm cool with a spike too. Glassed 4 or 5 bucks; drew back on spike before he decided to jump down into the wash to chase a doe .... overall good weekend.
  6. BigGameHunter

    2016 Rut Activity

    I have been out 3 times since Saturday and still haven't seen the bucks sticking with does. I have seen them come into the doe herds and not sticking around the next day. Just the spikes are sticking. This warm weather can't be helping. If it's worth anything, all the "rut" activity I have seen has only been in the evenings. I'll be out all day Friday/Sat/Sun .... let's how this changes over the weekend during the rain.
  7. BigGameHunter

    130+ 3x3!!!!!!! and another deer....

    *tips my cap to you gentlemen* Well done!
  8. BigGameHunter

    2016 Rut Activity

    Was back out this morning, down south, and found about 20 does ... no bucks pushing. Maybe these does aren't pretty enough or the bucks in the unit have ED. I may never know the answer to those questions...so I'll leave it to that to the biologist(s).
  9. BigGameHunter

    2016 Rut Activity

    The two areas that I have been in, unit 33 and 36B, have not seem to start yet. Lots of does hanging around but no bucks in the mix (yet). Hopefully, the cold weather snaps them into the fever. I just need to find one that's half blind, can't smell, and walking with his head down through a 10 yard wide wash to make this season happen. *crosses fingers* DL
  10. BigGameHunter

    Man Kills Elk, Elk Impales Man Moments Later

    This is about the equivalent of Fred Flintstone ordering a rack of dinosaur ribs for his car, right?
  11. BigGameHunter

    36B Youth Hunt

    Does anyone have the youth hunt in 36B this weekend? If so, I might be able to help.
  12. BigGameHunter

    Help for a kid in 5BS

    If he needs help on that Jauary javelina hunt ... you know where to find us.
  13. BigGameHunter

    2006 F150 (Tires) ... heck I'll sell the truck

    Yes, 2WD
  14. BigGameHunter

    2006 F150 (Tires) ... heck I'll sell the truck

    Still runs, defintely noisey when it runds (sounds like a diesel) and yes it does rattle.