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  1. jboots

    AR Package

    Any plans of going up to the White Mountain area in the near future? If so, I'll take this. I won't be down that way for another month or two unfortunately.
  2. jboots

    *REDUCED* DPMS AR Package Deal

    Bump Reduced Price
  3. jboots

    *REDUCED* DPMS AR Package Deal

    Open to offers. I have over $2,400 into this so I was thinking this is a good deal for someone.
  4. DPMS Mod A-15 Topped w/Burris AR-536 Scope and FastFire 3 Collapsible Stock StreamLight ProTac mounted on barrel Colt Tactical Soft Case 800-880 rounds of Hornady V-Max (I don't remember for certain if I bought them in 400 or 440 round packages but the packages are still sealed x2) 1440 rounds of PMC Bronze FMJ-BT 5 Magpul Mags and 1 Factory Mag $1500 for the package Everything is in excellent condition. Only 200 rounds fired through this rifle and been sitting in the safe otherwise. No rust, everything is like new. Yes, there is one mag missing from my photo and one bag of V-Max missing that is the same size as the one in the picture. May break up package if enough interest in multiple items by multiple buyers. I am in Show Low but I will be in the east Valley Friday evening and Saturday.
  5. jboots

    Wild Horses???

    WHT_MTNMAN is absolutely right. Regardless of how each of us feels about the feral horse population in 3C, any water that is being hauled out there is a great thing for the wildlife. My wife and I just spent 4 days out there hunting bear last week and we must have looked at the majority of water sources from springs, drinkers and stock tanks from Hwy 60 (the eastern border) to Black Canyon Rd. Of those, between 5-10 had water, including Black Canyon Lake. There is a severe lack of water and feed both and I wouldn't be surprised if we have some die off's of wildlife because historically we still have another 6-8 weeks before we are going to get any amount of moisture to provide water. With forest closures going into effect any day, there will not be any water hauled out there, including by G & F so the animals will be in a dire situation with the hottest, driest weeks of the summer about to hit. BTW, we saw two dead horses. They apparently got stuck in the mud of an almost dry tank trying to get a drink. I'm a horse lover but do not care much for these "Heber Horses" that are simply WMAT Rez escapee's. However, they are living creatures and I have to say that what we saw was heartbreaking. No creature should die like that.
  6. jboots

    3b south

    I guess that would depend on what you are hunting.
  7. jboots

    4B north population hunt

    So has anyone had any luck on the first hunt? My wife has the second hunt starting Friday. The g&f lady told her they are desperate to find people to kill these elk and that of the 16 hunters they were hoping for on each hunt, they were looking like only 12 were confirmed for each.
  8. jboots

    4B north population hunt

    My wife got the call late yesterday and confirmed her hunt today. We thought our year was done besides predators but next weekend we'll be back at it again!
  9. jboots

    Bride’s bull

    Awesome year for you guys! Great work!
  10. jboots


    I have $500 for this if you will accept this price and have any plans on being in the White Mountain area anytime soon. I will be coming down that way the first week of May if you still have it by then.
  11. jboots

    Guns for sale price lowered! Added Glock 23

    Interested in the Glock if you might be coming up to the White Mountains any time soon.
  12. 2006 Monaco-Starwood by McKenzie 30' bunk house travel trailer w/slide. Aluminum frame construction with fiberglass exterior. Sleeps 8-10 comfortably. There are two bunk beds in the rear(2 sets/sleeps 4), a queen/master at the front with privacy doors, sofa sleeper and the dining table converts to a full. Everything on this trailer works great. I just put new tires and batteries on it. It does not need anything else. It is ready to hunt and/or camp. It has ducted central heat and a/c, cd/dvd player with surround sound and includes equalizer hitch. Not 1/2 ton towable, must be 3/4 ton or larger truck. Divorce forces sale so I cannot take payments and I am not interested in trades. Located in Show Low. $11,000 obo.
  13. I have purchased one from Bear Mountain in Mesa. They had a few in stock at that time. Cabelas usually has a few used ones in their library.
  14. jboots

    Rims and tires for dodge 3/4 ton

    What year of dodge did these come off of?