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    Son broke his femur

    Broke my femur in 1970 playing freshman high school football. Dr didn’t want to pin it because I’d be one short leg gimp the rest of my life. Thankfully my parents agreed and had me put into a full body cast for the next 4 months. Stayed in a rented hospital bed in the living room the whole time. Had a tutor come to the house to maintain schoolwork. Loaded me into a suburban or rented ambulance for routine DR visits and xrays while healing. Got through the ordeal with a matching set of legs and am still pretty darn functional with matching legs now at almost 65.
  2. Omotose

    My First Southern Border Hunt Experience

    McCain, can’t help with this anymore. Send it to Cinema and McSally and see the response from each.
  3. Omotose

    Texas whitetail meat hunts

    I’m actually in Texas now on a management buck hunt. I might be interested in the meat hunt as well but the phone number listed isn’t right.
  4. Omotose

    Good Guy Buyer List

    Wildwoodyis a first rate buyer. Great transaction !
  5. Omotose

    New shocks

    Fox 2.0 great shocks
  6. Omotose

    Zeiss HD5 5-25x50 z-plex rifle scope.

    Still available
  7. Omotose

    Zeiss HD5 5-25x50 z-plex rifle scope.

    Still available
  8. Scope is 2 years old. No scratches or damage. In the box with all the paperwork. 1 tube. $675. I also have ss bases and rings to mount it to a Tikka T3 lite. 6oh2-five09-4four01
  9. Omotose

    Maybe it is time

    Renewed for 5 years today.
  10. Omotose

    Hunting in Texas - Recommendations??

    I started doing this two years ago and just booked for a 3rd. On this ranch I’m allowed to shoot a management buck, 8 point less than 140”, 1 doe, 1 wild pig. 3 day hunt costs $2500 bucks. First year I got my buck on my first stand. This year I had to extend 1 day to find the right book. I’ve only actually seen one pig on the ranch but didn’t connect.
  11. Omotose

    I have some meat to donate

    We need to clean a freezer out. We have some beef, deer and antelope all professionally processed. Its from 2016 and newer. Does anyone know if a food bank or charity will take it?
  12. I figure whoever picked it up would keep it rather than pawn it. It was a Franchi Intensity 3.5” 3 years old.
  13. Omotose

    20 Ga Load Question

    I started shooting Wichester Xpert steel shot this year so that I wouldn’t get caught with lead while combo duck hunting. They’ve got a 3/4 oz load going out at 1325 FPS. They run very well in my Affinity. I mostly use 7 for dove and 6 for quail. They’re not expensive usually about $65 a case of 250
  14. Pulled a bone head move last week. Dog and I have been traveling all over hunting quail, jumping ducks, hunting dove. Ive had two shotguns in the Jeep, 12 gauge for ducks, 20 for everything else. We were in 20C last week. I had just checked this tank for ducks and was headed back to the Jeep when this guy pulls up. I unloaded the gun and propped it up on the passenger side tire. I loaded the dog up and proceeded to shoot the bull with him. Well a few minutes later he takes off and I hop in the Jeep and leave as well. I figure out the next day the 12 gauge is not in the Jeep. I drive out to the tank and sure enough, guns gone. Somebody got a real nice, 3.5 camo Duck gun made in Italy!
  15. Omotose

    Secret Dove Spot?

    I’ve got a couple of spots. Second day of late season I got 30. 15 mourning dove and 15 Eurasian. But it’s a small spot and is burned now. Always scouting for new opportunities.