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  1. az_shooter

    134 1/4" Couse

    What's a big buck tramp stamp? Also, huge congrats to the shooter, awesome deer.
  2. az_shooter

    elk nose ?

    Looks like lupus disease to me, common in dogs, don't know what causes it though.
  3. az_shooter

    Long Range Archery

    Nice name... #2 Haha just kidding.
  4. az_shooter

    Point Hunter App

    It's been out for a while
  5. Yup, like I said, douche bag.
  6. Oh yeah, real effing smart, bunch of geniuses like you out shooting at animals while other people could be close by with bow in hand potentially catching a bullet. There is a reason they have different hunts for different weapons smart guy. And why do bow hunters need to go through a hunter ed class if gun hunters aren't REQUIRED to attend a hunter ed class? I've had to put my foot in my mouth a few times from comments I've made on this site, but it's comments like yours that make us hunters seem like a bunch of dumb rednecks. You deserve a first class ride to the top of the d-bag list.
  7. az_shooter

    4x4 coues

    Oh yeah, one heck of a buck there, awesome job! I love those big symmetrical 3x3's!
  8. az_shooter

    Decision has been made!!!

    Do you have a website with your products on it or will you just make any trail camera lock box.
  9. az_shooter

    Cool Video

    You mean every thing on the internet isn't true?!
  10. All awesome bucks, great job!
  11. az_shooter

    Help us find the criminals!

    At 4:30 am I'm guessing that they weren't strong armed.
  12. az_shooter


    Dang, that's awesome, good luck to anyone who buys tickets.
  13. az_shooter

    Another find it

    Eye, there it is. I was going to say elk judging by the size of the tree in front of it. Cool picture.
  14. az_shooter

    My 2014 white tail mutant

    That thing is freaking awesome!