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  1. twowindy

    Wild Horses???

    I'm not saying it would solve the problem. I just think if people want them let them have them!
  2. twowindy

    Wild Horses???

    what gets me is there are people I know that have captured some and have turned them into great riding horses but it is illegal. why not let people who want them have them.Makes no sense to me!
  3. twowindy

    My 1st Turkey

    congrats great job
  4. twowindy

    What am I doing with a late archery tag?

    I've had two late archery bull tags ,I filled one,had a great time on both hunts,good luck and just have fun.
  5. twowindy

    Coatimundi Forms?

    I make this form myself if your interested pm me
  6. twowindy

    walk in freezer

    sold funds pending
  7. twowindy

    walk in freezer

    Its missing a coil inside and will need re charged with Freon. I don't know a lot about it.I bought it just like it is and never got it running.the box is in great shape and probably worth the $800 by itself
  8. twowindy

    walk in freezer

    I have a walk in freezer 5'x5'6x6' high needs some work but in good shape $800 call will at 928 537 9703 or 928 521 8438
  9. twowindy

    camtrip cage traps for sale

    sold funds pending
  10. twowindy

    camtrip cage traps for sale

    I have twelve camtrip cage traps for sale.they come in sets of four.one slides into the other to make a four pack.$350 a four pack or $1000 for all twelve.They are all in excellent condition.call will at 928 537 9703 or 928 521 8438
  11. twowindy


    thanks guys !!
  12. twowindy


    JJust finished this one
  13. twowindy

    ATV vs UTV vs 4Runner/Samuri/Etc

    ]when it gets real bad I use these!
  14. twowindy

    ATV vs UTV vs 4Runner/Samuri/Etc

    I've tried a lot of different rigs from atv's ,jeeps, bronco's Toyota landcruiser, and all kinds of trucks. I have a geo tracker right now and I love it, They have independent suspention so they ride a lot better than a samurai,they also have power steering,
  15. twowindy

    **WALL TENT**

    do you have any idea how much it weighs?