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  1. Vixen

    Hunting license

    They have a copy of the one they write out to you in the lock box under the counter. Is that much different?
  2. Vixen

    Hunting license

    You think by now, we'd be like some of the other states. Go to the counter give them your DL and you pop up in the computer automatically and they print you a waterproof copy.
  3. Vixen

    Free Corn Snake and Habitat

    I have someone interested, You can text me at 928-812-2927.
  4. Vixen

    Free Corn Snake and Habitat

    I might be interested in this, but can't get back with you til later this morning.
  5. Vixen

    Cool picture

    Completely off thread. Denogean1
  6. Vixen

    Cool picture

    I was about 80 yards away. He appeared to be around 10 feet. Not sure how he got up there. Might have been a low laying arm that helped him out..
  7. Vixen

    Cool picture

    Caught this fox taking a nap
  8. Vixen

    Aren't they beautiful

    Don't jinx yourself my friend.. Show us pictures when they are filled. They can still look like that after the hunt sometimes. .....Let's just hope they don't taste as good as they look . Sorry, I have never had a tag yet, just venting.
  9. Vixen

    San Carlos Lake

    Lake just barely came back, you're going to have to leave some for the next year.
  10. Vixen

    "Dink" Stripers, Hudson River,NY

    Dinner at your place
  11. Vixen

    Big Boquillas Ranch

    Just type in Big Boquillas Ranch in the search bar and you can get tons of info from that section. Don't think you wanna get people started on this topic, your question will be long forgotten. Good luck on your hunt.
  12. Vixen

    Big Boquillas Ranch

    Here we go, same thing every year
  13. Vixen


    Everybody keeps thinking of this new water level mark because of the addition to the dam. Roosevelt is nearly at it's old high level mark which is above average. Higher than it normally is or has been.
  14. Vixen

    Need Trap for Coyote

    Trip chord haha