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  1. Is this a solid rear axle or independent?
  2. Is this a solid rear axle or independent?
  3. Smith2260

    Manfrotto 055XB Tripod

    This is $149 on amazon right now. Any chance you would lower the price or include the head?
  4. Smith2260

    Black lab puppies $50

    5 Black lab puppies 7 weeks old. Ready next week. 3 females/ 2 males. We have the mom, she is an AKA yellow lab. She jumped the fence and mated with one of 2 black lab males across the street. So we can't call them pure breed. When you see them you can tell they are all lab. We are keeping the white female in the pics. We can keep them until Christmas for the cost of their food. We would rather sell them on CW to good families.$50 each. Queen Creek. Please call or text Bobby. 480-220-6501
  5. Smith2260

    Black lab puppies $50

    All puppies are sold. Thank you CW for such a great site. We are very confident these pups all went to good homes.
  6. Smith2260

    Black lab puppies $50

    One of the males is average. The other one is pretty big with a big blocky head. Two of the male pups are way bigger than the others with big heads. I would love to have pics of the other dogs, but the owners are not the friendliest folks and were not happy to see my dog running loose. I will see what I can do. If they do not sell on CW, I will post for more money on craigslist next week.
  7. Smith2260

    Chocolate Lab

    We have 6 black lab pups. One week old. Bobby. 480-220-6501
  8. Smith2260


    How much is the manfrotto tripod and head? Bobby 480-220-6501
  9. Please call me about the pistol grip. Would like to buy. Bobby 480-220-6501
  10. Smith2260

    Brunton tripod

    Do you still have this? Bobby 480-220-6501