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  1. gater11

    Coues deer cape for sale in AZ

    Do you still have the cape?
  2. gater11

    unit 24 coues deer

    Thanks for the info. Redman the info you provided was it for the new mexico unit 24 and i dont have my tag in front of me but i am pretty sure it starts the 3rd and goes to 11th thanks again
  3. I am a new member as of about 5 min. ago my father and i both drew coues deer tags in 24 that start this weekend looking for a little info on unit i know how this works about hunting spots not looking for that just info about unit like road conditions rough or good and what the unit looks like typical sit and glass hunt or waterholes and just a starting point i have some maps but we are from colorado and it is a long way down there so we will be scouting and hunting at same time any info would be helpful thanks