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  1. djaws11

    Tell us about your elk rifle, and cartridge?

    7mm ultra mag build by Lester Bruno - 190 grain matrix vld 3100 fps with retumbo Night force nxs scope
  2. djaws11

    My 2016 bull elk with video

    Thanks! nobody named Clint with us. custom built 7mm ultra mag, hs precision stock, kreiger barrel, built on a trued and blueprinted rem 700 action, timney trigger at 1.5 pounds pushing a 190 grain matrix vld at 3100 fps I had him at 350 yards and passed because there were a few bulls around us and I wanted to see what else was around and after judging a few others we glassed his tines back up through the junipers but had no shot, then he came out after a cow and I took him at 200 yards
  3. djaws11

    My 2016 bull elk with video

    video is up now, 53 inches wide
  4. djaws11

    My 2016 bull elk with video

    working on uploading to youtube, should have video up soon
  5. djaws11

    My 2016 bull elk with video

    just shy of 53 inches wide
  6. djaws11

    My 2016 bull elk with video

    I couldn't pass this guy up because I love how wide he was. link to video: (my brother put it together in just a quick 2 hours) switch settings to 1080p in youtube if you can https://youtu.be/J8VSyH3OxSE
  7. djaws11

    7mm RUM brass

    where are you located?
  8. Moved from this to a hand loaded 190 matrix VLD bullet so these 2 boxes of HSM factory loaded rounds are up for sale. Paid $70 a box...selling 39 rounds 2 boxes minus 1 round that I already shot for $100 total HSM muzzle velocity: 2975 fps muzzle energy: 3472 ft. lbs. G1 B.C.: .659 480-232-5871 -Daniel
  9. djaws11

    Lasik eye surgery - $1400

    Interested, let me know if its availbale after you get back to everyone before me, Thanks
  10. djaws11

    Vortex Razor HD 5-20X50

    interested, pm sent
  11. djaws11

    Jim white dual mount tripod adaptor

    I will take it
  12. djaws11


  13. djaws11

    Swarovski 15X56 Bino's for Sale "SOLD"

    great price especially with the adaptor...they will sell quick, had the same ones before changed to the 12x50 el's, and sold them for over your asking
  14. djaws11


    still available