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    Found Pistol

    My method is to keep a file in Dropbox, as well as to email myself the spreadsheet and save it. I like both because I can access them from anywhere. I also keep an extensive list of all the accessories (optics, lights, sights, etc). That way they can also spot a trend and leave breadcrumbs hopefully when something gets lost.
  2. jp0212

    Found a nice flashlight

    Shot you a PM. Definitely a nice guy to post it up here trying to find it's owner. Lost mine last weekend. I was super bummed when I realized it.
  3. So I have been looking forward to dove season for a few months (bought my first bird gun), but was hoping someone might be willing to help me out with a potential area as I have never hunted Upland birds. I am currently working in Maricopa on a project but live in SE Gilbert. I know the area all around Maricopa is Gila River Indian Community, but was curious if anyone knew somewhere nearby or between the two that I could stop by on my way home for work. I can leave work around 2:30pm to go shoot some birds if there's a spot close enough. I know a great area that has a ton of birds, but it's almost four hours away 😔. I'm looking forward to hitting it this weekend with my kids as well and was hoping someone could point me in the right direction. Not a specific honey hole per se, just maybe help me by pointing me in the general direction from town I should head. Thanks in advance, I REALLY appreciate any help I can get!
  4. jp0212

    Talk about FUN!

    I started hunting about 7 years ago and had to learn it all on my own. Started only wanting to hunt big game with a bow, but I fell so freakin in love with the sport that it has expanded wanting to hunt everything. I recently bought a Benelli Ethos so I could get into Upland and Waterfowl hunting as well. Today was my first time Dove hunting, and holy crap that is FUN! Only got one lonely little bird haha, but totally worth it. Definitely made me realize I need to spend some time at Usery working the Sporting Clays!
  5. jp0212

    Question about Bird Dogs

    Save a life and go adopt something from the pound. I have two Pit Bulls that I saved just before they got euthanized and they are the best dogs I've ever had. The next pit I adopt will become a bird dog as well. I'd like to teach one of the two I have now but they are both almost 10 years old, probably a little late to start.
  6. Yikes. Let me know how you got the smell out of your vehicle haha.
  7. Dang apparently I was in the wrong spot!
  8. jp0212

    Dove Breast Bacon Wrapped Jalapeño Poppers

    Looks like you had much better luck than me haha. I can't wait to try that same recipe!
  9. jp0212

    sitka versus kuiu

    You are correct, the founder of Kuiu was also the Co-founder of Sitka before they sold the rights to Gore-tex. That's why Kuiu and Sitka are extremely similar just with a different camo pattern.
  10. jp0212

    Hunting within city limits?

    So I am a little curious about the changes that occurred a couple years back. I know ARS 13-3107 (Shannon's Law) was revised recently to allow for the discharge of a firearm within city limits if you are hunting with valid permits (license, tag, stamps, etc). As I understand it you can only do so with a shotgun or bow. Per the Game and Fish regulations I would be outside of the restricted zone, and permitted to hunt despite being within City limits. As I understand it the state law also aligns with that provided you aren't within a 1/4 mile of any building or structure. Has anyone had any experience with this? Ever had a run in with Police, Sheriff's or Game and Fish? I did some exploring today and found a couple awesome spots really close to work, but don't really know if they are good to go or not. I tried checking the City of Maricopa laws
  11. jp0212

    Cold Weather Sleeping Bag?

    Kings Camo also makes a great -35 sleeping bag.
  12. jp0212

    Hunting within city limits?

    That seems a little weird that they said you would be fined. If you aren't out hunting then technically that is a violation of Shannon's Law (ARS 13-3107), which makes discharging a firearm within city limits a Class 6 Felony. I'm also confused by their response, given that Chapter 13 - Section 13-41 of the Peoria City Code states in various ways that you CAN discharge a firearm within city limits if you are hunting in specific areas deemed permissible by the AZGFD AND those areas are approved by the Chief of Police. I'd be curious as to what law outright prohibits it in Peoria.
  13. jp0212

    Hunting within city limits?

    The only 2 farm fields I was not given permission at was due to the same reason. The farmer said he was tired of picking up spent shells and having the shells get into his equipment. FYI, offering Elk & Deer meat to farmers will usually get you permission to hunt their land;) Have you guys ever tried offering to clean-up their property from what others had left behind? I wonder if that would help ease their mind enough to let you make it on a short list of people.
  14. jp0212

    Hunting within city limits?

    Agreed. Makes me so angry how messy people are. I remember the good ol' days when we used to go off-roading at the river and have free reign. I loved being able to jump off the tailgate straight into the river back then. I remember the adults would always make us kids do a trash clean-up shortly before we left so it was always better than how we found it. I still believe in that and make sure to clean up because I'm so tired of areas getting shut down.
  15. jp0212

    Hunting within city limits?

    I could be wrong here, but as I understand it if you are on state land then you don't have to worry about any city laws, just the as you don't have to worry about it on a county island. At that point, only the laws of the state are applicable and you can hunt as outlined in ARS 13-3107.
  16. jp0212

    sitka versus kuiu

    My stuff has held up extremely well. I've had it all for an average of about 7 years with no real issues. The perk is that all comes with a warranty. Usual wear and tear isn't covered but they are very reasonably priced if you ever need it repaired.
  17. jp0212

    Hunting within city limits?

    Doesn't work for me unfortunately, looking to hunt in 26M.
  18. jp0212

    Hunting within city limits?

    I have done a ton of research and spoke with quite a few people. The area in question actually falls under Unit 26M. I spoke with a clerk at the Mesa office who said I can NOT hunt within city limits. Then I spoke with a customer service person at the Main office and was told I can NOT hunt within city limits unless I am on a county island. I then explained to her that doesn't make sense, as I am NOT within city limits if I am in a county island. She said good point and transferred me to a game warden. He was super friendly and went over the whole thing with me and said YES, I can hunt within city limits. That being said, I called an attorney who specializes in hunting law and she was wiling to spend some time on the phone. I explained that my concern was that ARS 13-3107 seems to say I can hunt in areas that G&F says are ok, but it also is worded to say that a City can revoke that based on the part that discusses the 1/4 mile rule. She agreed with me saying that is correct, they can say in the City ordinance that you have to be further than 1/4 mile making so that you can't hunt. Looking at the City code, it seems to say that I CAN hunt, but only on land that is zoned "Special Rural". I tried looking at a zoning map and don't see anything designated that way, so I put a call into the zoning commission to see if they can elaborate.
  19. jp0212

    sitka versus kuiu

    I have a ton of Sitka gear and absolutely love it. The layering system is pretty awesome and I feel like I'm wearing pajamas whenever I put the stuff on. They also have great customer service in that they have spent quite a bit of time on the phone with me helping me decide what pieces would work best. I also have a Kelvin vest that tore and they fixed it for free under the warranty. My 90% pant also got a tear from some barbed wire which they repaired for $30. They also threw in a free Sitka hat into that deal. That all being said, you can't go wrong with both Sitka or Kuiu. Both are worth every penny in my opinion. I can give you a breakdown of the Sitka pieces I have if that will help.
  20. jp0212

    Hunting within city limits?

    Your talking dove hunting with a shotgun right? Yup that's the intention. I didn't do any hunting today, just drove to a couple spots and saw a ton of birds. I would like to hunt them with a shotgun, but I'm not sure if they are good to go or not.
  21. jp0212

    Unit 22 Flat line maps

    That is correct. I have the 22N map and it has the upper portion of 22S on it. I'd say pick it up, I love having an excuse to by another map!
  22. jp0212


    God dang Crossfit. Before you guys have an aneurysm, I am NOT opposed to Crossfit. The sad thing about the sport, is it was quickly overrun just as the world of personal training was. As it quickly became a fad, you had people running out realizing they could make a buck by opening a gym. One quick weekend course and no formal training and they were off to the races. Startup is a piece of cake. Rent a warehouse, no A/C needed, buy some used equipment including chains and a tire and BOOM, you have yourself a Crossfit gym where you can charge $150/month. The sad truth is that most of them are no better than a trainer at LaFitness. Is it good that it got some people off their butt, yes it is, but the risk of injury is also extremely high because you have the blind leading the blind. Kipping during a pullup? Wrong. Dropping in a squat with zero resistance and letting your arse hit your heals? Wrong. Arching your back, rounding your shoulders and bouncing the weight off your quad during a deadlift? Wrong. If you can find a GOOD gym that ACTUALLY has a staff with a clue about what they are doing, then get in there and stay put. Just know, there is a 90% chance you are NOT in that gym. One small clue to a good gym is their on-boarding program. They should have something established for newcomers that take several weeks, if not months, to build a base level of fitness. Particularly one that focuses on balance, core strength and optimizing muscle function as groups.
  23. jp0212

    Mt. Ord is crazy

    Exactly why I started hunting the wilderness areas. I found once you get about 2 miles away from the road you are totally isolated and rarely see anyone else (I never have). A big part of why I started hunting was so I could escape the world we live in and feel closer to my ancestors and nature (feel free to make Ted Nugent jokes now). I'm always glad to know other people are out in the field, but prefer not to see them haha.
  24. I adopted my niece and nephew and just made it a point to make the trip as fun as possible. Good breakfast and lots of junk food at the pit stop. She was 11 and he was 6 when we got them, so he was introduced at a much younger age. He is more into it than my niece, but they both love going out. One thing that helped was getting them ther own camo, they seemed to get more into it after that. King's camo has great kids stuff for very reasonable pricing. We also make it a family thing since my wife is a hunter. I loved seeing how excited they got when they saw their first animals in the wild. My nephew is now 11 and I have taken him on a couple coyote hunts with no luck. I know when he gets his first animal harvest he will be hooked. My baby girl (our first child) is 7 months now and I can not wait to start taking her out.
  25. jp0212

    Blaze Orange...yes or no?

    I personally like to wear a blaze orange vest up until I drop my pack and start the stalk. Then I throw my vest on my pack so I can find it again (bad experience haha). I agree that no one should HAVE to wear it, it is a personal choice. I choose to wear it because people are morons, and the last thing I want to deal with is some extra holes.