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    Need Help?

    Sounds good! I'll keep an eye out.
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    Need Help?

    Hahaha yeah beer is my biggest piece of kryptonite, right along with a little scotch and bourbon. Yup, absolutely free. Just hope karma will swing my way a little when I ask for advice here or there. One approach you can try to take is to do what I do and give yourself a cheat day. I take one day a week (MUST be the same day every week, i.e. Saturday) where I eat and drink whatever the heck I want. For example, a couple week back I had 3 fruit roll up and 2 Dr Peppers for breakfast, Wings and Fries for lunch and pizza for dinner, along with lots of beer throughout the day. The other 6 days I follow my meal plan. That one day usually keeps people on track the other six.
  3. jp0212

    Hunting w/ Epi-Pen

    I have always wanted to get one but haven't found a Doc willing to prescribe it. I explained I enjoy hiking into the wilderness far from any type of services but no luck. I have never had any type of allergies so they considered me low risk. I really want to get one from my wife though as she has never been stung so we don't know how it would play out. That being said, I always keep a first aid kit as well as a small bag full of Advil, Benadryl, Sudafed, Tums, Nasal Spray, Pepto and Immodium. Still planning to work out a way to get an Epi Pen just in case though.
  4. I haven't posted much here, but figure there is no better way to get into the CW family than by introducing you to mine. My wife and I had our first little girl, Arizona Grace. She was born back on January 14th, so she's really starting to get into the fun months now. Feel free to let me know what the name of her hunting show should be ;-)
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    Need Help (Hunting Clothes Layering)

    Didn't see a post saying you had made a purchase yet, so I figured I'd chime in. I'm a big fan of Sitka for the layering aspect. Best example I can provide is a day when I was up north for the January archery hunt. In the morning sitting on the ridge it was extremely windy and in the low single digits. I was wearing: Traverse Hoodie, Kelvin Vest, Jetstream Jacket, Traverse Pant, Kelvin Pant, 90% Pant, Blizzard Beanie, Neck Gaiter, Jetstream Gloves, Smartwool Socks and Schnee's Beartooth Uninsulated boots. I was extremely comfortable. The only part of me that got cold were my feet and hands, which I chalk up to the heavy winds. I plan to get some Schnee's pack boots that are insulated to fix the cold feet issue. As the sun popped up and the wind stopped, I very quickly and easily stripped off some of the layers (temp hit mid 50's) and remaimed comfortable. I hear great things about Kuiu but have no personal experience. Given that it was founded by the same guys as Sitka I can imagine they are very similar. I wouldn't rule out Under Armor gear also. I know a buddy of mine in Wyoming who guides loves their gear too. Haven't tried the new First Lite stuff, but a few years ago that stuff drove me crazy as it was very itchy. I chalked it up to sensitive skin, but my wife felt the same and she never complains about material. Hope that helps somewhat.
  6. jp0212

    My first solo kayak trip

    Wow those are some awesome pictures. I thought solo trips would be boring but slowly found out how badly they are sometimes needed. My wife was my main hunting buddy, but with the pregnancy and baby she hasn't been able to get out much. Combine that with my main hunting buddy moving away and it leaves for more solo trips than I'd like.
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    How many animals have you harvested in Arizona

    Sadly not a single dang one. I've had some luck up in Wyoming, but just have not been able to seal the deal yet here at home. Only been hunting for about 7 years, and I dove in head first only hunting archery. I just recently started trying putting in for rifle, so hopefully it'll happen soon. I've been very close many times with my bow, but couldn't make it happen. That hunting though.