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  1. bvanetten

    Wildland Firefighting Jobs

    Yep, his boss said they have been trying to burn that mountain for a few years now. Apparently each time they scheduled it the conditions weren't right.
  2. bvanetten

    Wildland Firefighting Jobs

    Update. The boy landed a job on a brush truck stationed in Tucson. Department of Forestry and Fire Management. Just finished up a prescribed burn south of tucson. He is enjoying it so far.
  3. bvanetten

    ATV vs UTV vs 4Runner/Samuri/Etc

    Interesting topic. I to have been through the gambit of options. Started out with a dirt bike. That lasted until a rock pushed the front tire weird and I ended up flying over the handlebars! Then we got a quad. had a blast. it would fit in the bed of the truck and we would pull the camper. Wife would ride on the back, we saw a ton of country. They the FS started cracking down on riding double so we picked up a 2nd quad. This caused us to "need" a toy hauler. The boys got old enough to ride so we needed to add a couple more quads. Sold the toy hauler for a bigger toy hauler. Then needed a bigger truck! Got a bigger truck and things were fine for a few years. But now it was a production to get going. big truck, 38ft trailer, extra fuel, etc. Got tired of maintaining 4 machines and tired of all the dust and weather. As far as hunting goes, everything was dirty, pack guns, bows, everything. That got old quick. So sold the quads and got a rhino. Liked it better then the quads but still had the dust and weather issues. Then I had the bright idea to build a samurai. Enclosed cab, heater, street legal at normal speeds, thought it would be perfect. once the samurai was done it was tipping the scales loaded with gear at 3000 lbs. It would fit fine in the toy hauler but, and I know people haul this size vehicle in them, but it isn't safe. So we started looking for cargo haulers with living quarters. $$$. About this time I came to my senses. This whole thing got out of control and expensive. Quads are gone, sxs is gone, samurai will be gone, toyhauler is gone (keeping the truck ). Boys are in their own vehicles. Picked up a 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee with a v8, 4in lift, 32 inch tires and the selectable xfer case. Love it. Incredible off road. long arm coil suspension floats over washboard (with aired down tires). Will be picking up a light (3500 lb or less) camper to tow behind it. I can sleep in the back for short hunting/scouting trips. AC, Heat, heated seats! Quiet. Won't go as far as my samurai or quads (dam close though) but I like to hike into hunting spots anyhow. Toyota LC or the Lexus version of it would work nice also but the money people want for those is stupid. I'm sold on this setup so far. I like the samurai alot but it just isn't as nice. If your samurai beats you up off road then you don't have it setup right. Mine is smooth as butter. Here is a pic of my jeep.
  4. bvanetten

    Wildland Firefighting Jobs

    Email addys sent. Thanks Hoyt.
  5. bvanetten

    Wildland Firefighting Jobs

    AZLance, Thanks for the link. The only position left is a Squad Boss. We'll go down there and figure out if he can get on a list or something.
  6. bvanetten

    Wildland Firefighting Jobs

    Thanks for all the info guys. We live in Apache Junction and he would prefer to keep AZ as his home base. But sometimes you have to get outside of your comfort zone.
  7. bvanetten

    Wildland Firefighting Jobs

    Oldest son just graduated from wildland firefighting courses up in Prescott. Arizona Wildfire Academy I think? He's looking for a job now. From what little I know about the process it looks like he has missed the hiring window (jobs posted in November and filled by January). He has a few applications in for entry level jobs around the state, we'll see how that goes. Does anyone here have any insight into the process? Any leads on State, Federal, or private jobs? Any info is appreciated.
  8. bvanetten

    Everybody is Successful

    Whats concerning isn't the commission voicing their opinion, it's the commission codifying their opinion... Think about that for a minute.
  9. bvanetten

    Javelina's for donation

    Grind it with some pork butt and jimmie dean spices and you'll wish you shot 4... and kept it all!
  10. bvanetten

    Lets talk Prime Rib Cooking

    Pick up one of these. https://www.amazon.com/ThermoPro-TP-16-Thermometer-Stainless-Temperature/dp/B017613C3C/ref=sr_1_6?ie=UTF8&qid=1513791091&sr=8-6&keywords=meat+thermometer Cook at no hotter than 250, 225 might be better but will take longer. Put thermometer in thickest place on roast and cook till it reads 125. Pull and cover with foil, rest till it hits 130. Done. If you use a thermometer you will get it just the way you want it every time. No guessing, no x amount of minutes per pound, no wondering how hot you oven actually cooks at, no mistakes or miscalculations allowed. Some of the better thermometers have wireless transmitters so you can be sitting in your lazyboy watching a movie with the remote next to you. They will beep when you reach the temp you want.
  11. bvanetten

    ISO 1997 to 2001 Jeep Cherokee

    Open to either. Big gay truck land lifted with 35's not interested.
  12. bvanetten

    ISO 1997 to 2001 Jeep Cherokee

    Cherokee, not Grand Cherokee (the boxy XJ body style) He just graduated high school last June so limited budget. $4500 is the upper end. Thanks for the Wrangler lead but he would rather have an XJ. Kingzero, txt inbound.
  13. bvanetten

    ISO 1997 to 2001 Jeep Cherokee

    My son is in the market for a later model of the 2nd generation Jeep Cherokee. Whacha got?
  14. bvanetten

    Unit 27 Cow Elk

    Thats some good eats there.
  15. bvanetten


    Are you talking about the Sawmill fire last spring? https://inciweb.nwcg.gov/incident/5164/ Doesn't look like the experimental range got hit.