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    Killin'.....ants, spiders, rabbits, deer, elk, grizzlies, tigers....its all good

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About Me

I have been bowhunting Arizona since I was 10 years old (30 years). I weigh too much, spent too much time in college and work a desk job for a company with very few other hunters. I am a draw stats geek and the designated hunt application coordinator for my large extended family (primarily because I trust noone when it comes to my own applications).


My family has been hunting Arizona for over 70 years. I have a rifle huntress for a wife (Kari), she is in training to be a bow huntress. I have three little kids, Savanna, Gunnar and Wyatt. My daughter is the youngest kid in her archery class this session at 6 years old, I am a proud daddy.


I live to bowhunt elk in the rut but I also enjoy hunting desert mulies (and javies) in January during the middle of the week by myself (usually unit 21 - Tuesdays are the best). Hunting the desert in January feeds my soul.


I believe hunting on public land is valuable and something that should be within the reach of most of us, not just the wealthy or well connected. I stick my neck out in support of this.


I hunt leftover coues tags on the border, limited opportunity leftover cow elk tags or anything else that I can squeeze in. I love the smell of the desert when it rains and the sound of quail in the morning. I have hunting disease and I do not want a cure.