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    Sighting my Bow for G5 Montecs of Mechanicals?

    Great question. I've had to cancel most of my other hunts for these reasons. Fortunately my wife got me this hunt with a good outfitter as a graduation present so I will have loads of help.
  2. In an earlier post I mentioned that I am having some grouping difficulties using 140 gn Berger VLDs out of my 7mm-08. Unfortunately my COAL is limited by my magazine which several have suggested might be my problem with these bullets. Some have suggested I try Barnes TTSX others Nosler. Has anyone found a bullet they strongly recommend when face with a limited COAL? Thanks
  3. rossislider

    Disappointing Load Results 7mm-08

    Not sure what you mean by jumping them in?
  4. rossislider

    Recommended Bullet for a Limited COAL

    Interesting. I'm not familiar with these silver tips. Do the shoot like the BTs?
  5. rossislider

    300 um elk load?

    Don't know if you are still considering your load but I have used the 180 ttsx with success in my 300 RUM. They did a number on this guy in my late hunt last year. I am currently experimenting with 210 Berger VLDs as well for long range performance. Good luck
  6. rossislider

    95 or 105 vld's in .243

    I can't speak to the VLDs in a 243, but am currently having some trouble getting the groupings I would like out of VLDs in my 7mm-08 which is a very similar cartridge and uses mostly the same powders. I have been loading my 243 with Hornady V-Max 58 grains, as my 243 is primarily my varmint rifle. With these I am getting very nice 5 shot groupings that touch at 100 yards. I also really like R15 powder for this load. My load data for this is: 43.4 gn. R15 powder Federal primers 58 gn Hornady V-Max I was out at the range this morning shooting these through the chronograph since I just finalized this load. My average speed was 3555 fps. Hope this helps
  7. rossislider

    Disappointing Load Results 7mm-08

    Any particular bullet you are partial to or might recommend?
  8. rossislider

    Honda EU2000i Companion Generator

    I now have a wait list 5 deep. Thanks for all the interest and I will let you all know.
  9. rossislider

    Disappointing Load Results 7mm-08

    Thanks for rubbing it in. If it weren't for over the counter stuff I wouldn't get to hunt this year.
  10. rossislider

    Disappointing Load Results 7mm-08

    Quit making excuses and come over. We'll get it there.
  11. rossislider

    Honda EU2000i Companion Generator

    Hi All- Thanks for your interest. As of now the generator is spoken for. I will meet the guy on Monday to show and finalize the sale. If he buys it I will remove the add. If you are interested in going on a back up list send me a PM. Thanks
  12. rossislider

    Bear Down, Opening Day

    You get everyone all excited for some bear pictures and then nothing?
  13. rossislider

    A Hunters Help

    Just saw on the news that the USPS lost $57 million a day last quarter. The good news is that at this rate we hopefully won't have to deal with this terrible government agency much longer.
  14. rossislider

    Big Cat, 3 Greys & a Coyote

    Awesome cat! Glad someone brought the thread back to life.
  15. rossislider

    Opinion on New Archery Shop

    I'd love to see something in the far East Valley. If there were I'd be a regular for sure. I just can't justify the 45+ minute drive from Queen Creek to Phoenix.
  16. rossislider

    Things your huntin buddies do that drive you nuts : )

    I'm just glad you didn't say planning a bear hunting trip and arranging time off from work, only to have my moron buddy screw up his knee in an ATV accident just before hand, thus screwing up the whole thing.
  17. rossislider

    A Hunters Help

    Hunters are generally some of the best people out there. On the other hand, the USPS, like most government run organizations, is garbage. The sooner it goes bankrupt and gets privatized the better.
  18. rossislider

    Lifesize Bobcat ready for pickup......

    How much to do a lion like this?
  19. rossislider

    albino mule deer

    I took the picture of this guy at Yellowstone Park's Bear World last year. So while it is not as cool as seeing him in the wild, I still thought it worth sharing. Wouldn't mind crossing paths with one like this in season with tag in hand! I took this picture in late June. Imagine this guy with another couple months of growth!
  20. I just purchased a bolt action Marlin 22 caliber long rifle for my son who is turning 8 in a few weeks. I figured this would be a great way to get him started and practicing shooting before he can start hunting in a couple of years. I was going to (and still may) mount a Simmons 3-9x32 Mag Riflescope to it. They run in the neighborhood $50 at most retailers. I was looking through Bass Pro’s Fall Classic add today and notice they have a similar looking scope made by Bear Creek for $30. Is anyone familiar with Bear Creek? I have never heard of them before. Also does anyone have another good 22 long rifle scope they might recommend. Keep in mind this is going on top of a 22 long rifle for plinking and not on top of a long range hunting rifle. Thanks
  21. rossislider

    Swhacker Broadhead Deal

    Ordered mine last Thursday (08/02), got notice they shipped today (08/06), and should arrive by the end of the week. The web site is saying 4-6 weeks but they are still getting out much quicker.
  22. rossislider

    Good Luck Unit 1 Hunters

    It is a fantastic unit that I have hunted for many years. Unfortunately, I drew no tags this year so I will have to live vicariously through the stories and pictures of those who did . Good luck!
  23. rossislider

    Just a little PETA joke.

    Going on my desktop at work in the morning! This should really irritate a few colleagues.
  24. rossislider

    Time line of a kitten

    Awesome pictures! Thanks and please keep sharing.
  25. rossislider

    270 FPS out of a bow claiming 315 fps IBO?

    I didn't know such a calculator existed. Thanks!