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  1. 40 minutes ago, trphyhntr said:

    Congrats to the hunter. No reason to call the cops because another hunter happened to be in the right place at the right time. 

    Unless he broke the law. If he shot from the side x side from the road. It is pretty cut and dry. If it is legal, congrats to the hunter, but they way it was explained calls it into question. 

  2. 1 hour ago, idgaf said:

    He got the bull congrats to the hunter. 

    Congrats nothing, I would verify and potentially report this to AZGFD. Even with a CHAMP permit, this could be illegal as there are very specific rules for a CHAMP hunter to fire from a vehicle, including:

    • the vehicle is motionless.
    • the vehicle is not on any road (this is a big one)
    • the engine is turned off


  3. I've been up bouncing back and forth helping a few different hunters in units 3B, 3A, and 3C over the past few weeks. As far as rut activity, it has been pretty terrible. I looked at a lot of bulls, none quite so eager for love as this youngster who I inadvertently (at first) drew in on a string from 500 yards across a steep canyon. I was initially just trying to draw him out of his tree cover to get a look at him, but after 20 minutes of back and forth bugling without him budging, I gave one chirp on the cow call, and he was on a mission. Since he was coming, and wasn't going to make our hit list, I decided to have some fun. 


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  4. I talked to a biologist from AZGFD this past weekend. They just received a study back showing elk are susceptible to a strain of COVID which causes the cows to not cycle. Might be a big part of the problem!!! 

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  5. 2 hours ago, JoeBakero said:

    Do you have an update for this... I think that your kid is really gifted :D

    Thanks. He finished the project at $250 and won the top spot for the class by $10. He was able to pick his group for the semester and surprisingly enough ended up with 3 pretty little girls as his group mates.🤣 

    For their big project for the semester, they are supposed to become "entrepreneurs" and, as a group, make the money possible through any number of businesses. Last week they sold doughnuts in the parking lot before school. Stuff like that. Fortunately for his group, my son already has his own legit business that they are allowed to use. So his euro mount business will now not only contribute to his pocket book, but also his grade.

    Speaking of which, he updated his FAQs and pricing for this season for any interested. The only pricing change for this season is a small increase to javelina and large predators.

    GHS Pricing Sheet 2020.jpg

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  6. 1 hour ago, azelkhunter2 said:

    Sir if you like you can give me a call. I spend a great deal of time in that unit in both the north and south half and can provide you with valuable information. Your daughter has arguably the best late elk tag in the state. I will be in the unit chasing elk the entire month of September and then back in the unit for most of October and would be happy to show you a few things. Dave 602-228-1719

    This should be a a no brainer, pick up the phone and call Dave right now! I would.

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  7. 6 minutes ago, PRDATR said:

    He's not old enough to lock horns with this crew. Maybe in 10 years.

    You hit the nail on the head. 5-10 years ago I would have encouraged him to join this group. There are still some GREAT people on here, but the know it all trolls, who have nothing to contribute besides jacka$$ery, can't help but shoot their mouths off every 5 minutes anymore. 

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  8. 2 hours ago, elcy said:

    Excellent question

    Poor answer IMO.  I deserve no credit for any of my 3 kids project with the exception of taking them to the store to buy supplies if needed.  

    He can't trade w/ family, but its OK for dad to pimp his school project?    Wouldn't having him create an account and post it himself be a better lesson than you doing the leg work for him?  

    I'm sure you won multiple father of the year awards. I'll be sure to message you for parenting advice from here on out. 

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