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  1. azspike

    Nobody / anybody

    One if my good buddies drew 6a general.
  2. azspike

    Goulds tags!

    I drew a Gould's tag with 11 last year. Best of luck to you guys! I just bought a point this Spring.
  3. azspike

    41W Sheep 2019

    Congrats! The best $300 charge you will ever see.
  4. azspike

    Unit 21 herd....Edit...Pics and story

    Drought and coyote in 21. I had one if the tags last year and it looked like they were coming back pretty well. Watched a few different herds and left a couple great bucks out there.
  5. azspike

    Going Goulds hunting in 35A!

    I spent some time with the game specialist for that region and her advice was to hook up with the southern AZ wild turkey federation and help with the game and fish survey. I don't have the date yet but it should be within 60 days of the start of the hunt. She said they could use the help, and it's nice to pick out your gobbler ahead of time. I've never hunted that unit so I am going to need all the help I can get.
  6. azspike

    WTB cage traps

    Bob has sold the business to a guy out of Idaho named Trevor. Real nice guy with experience as a government trapper. Bob is sold out of cages but Trevor has a few sets.
  7. azspike

    Going Goulds hunting in 35A!

    I got tag #13 for that hunt with 11 points. I'm going to try to get out there for the survey in the Spring. Good luck out there!
  8. azspike

    Sheep Relocation

    I helped with the capture and relocation in 37a. The oldest ram was a five year old. The youngest was not quite two. No mature rams were moved. I spend a ton of time in the Picachos and there are old sheep trails and petroglyph images of sheep all over those mountains. It is going to be great seeing sheep up there where they belong.
  9. azspike

    Spring results

    Looks like I finally caught a Gould's tag.
  10. azspike

    Ram Score

    That thing has a pretty open curl, could be close to 170, hard to tell how much mass it carries down on those pictures.
  11. I think a big thing to remember here is that there is no way to win and argument with the anti-hunters. It isn't even a conversation worth having. Many of them are just as dedicated to stopping hunting as we are to protecting it. The only audience we should be interested in is the majority middle and the undecided. Being respectful about the topic of mountain lion hunting, and focusing on the existing laws and regulations should keep people voting with some sanity. Most people don't know that game and fish set any rules for hunting and that the population is monitored by several methods including mandatory check-in of every lion harvested. Lions are not endangered, and are increasing in population with the current laws protecting them. It is also a fantastic game meat. Banning game and fish from managing this population is ilogical, expensive, and huge risk to delicate populations of bighorn sheep that have been extirpated from their native range due to the presence of humans and introduction domestic sheep. I spend most of my time with a very left leaning crowd of people, most of them have a net-negative view of hunting. But explaining how the game and fish biologists monitor population, instead of rallying against this proposed legislation, has helped me to show several people how silly a yes vote on this topic is.im really glad I logged in here and saw so many people here already talking about this. I guess I am a late comer to the conversation.
  12. azspike

    Sheep Clinic

  13. azspike

    Sheep Clinic

    I will be there for sure.
  14. azspike

    And so it begins.

    I drew the same tag, if y'all need an extra set of eyes give me a shout.
  15. Man, that is awesome! Good luck out there.