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    javelina meat

    As mentioned earlier proper field care is critical. I carry some water in my truck or hunt near a fresh water source so I can wash the musk off the hide before doing anything else. I will then skin the javelina being careful not to hit the musk gland while wearing rubber gloves. I will then change gloves and do a gutless quartering of the rest of the pig. Then get it cooled done. I do not wait to finish processing it but get it cut up within a day or two. Put me on the list to except the meet. I will be in unit 23 during the HAM hunt. DCM
  2. DCMHunter

    Unit 23 Javelina

    Is the area by the a-cross road closed to hunting or just to motorized vehicle trafic? DCM
  3. DCMHunter

    Unit 23 Javelina

    Where would be a good place to start in Unit 23 to find some pigs? It has been several years since I have hunted this unit and would like some information on Where to start out. I have been into the Young area and like the area but did not see anything. What is the north side of Roosevelt lake like? Or along Tonto creek? Are there any access issues? My HAM hunt starts on the 6th and I'm starting to get worried that I don't have a good plan. I will only have one more chance to find a starting point then I will be hunting, so any help would be appreciated. DCM
  4. DCMHunter

    Unit 23 Javelina

    Thanks for the help everyone. I will check out some of the areas mentioned. I did spot some pigs flying back from the valey the other day south east of Young. I think we where pretty close to the resevation. I like the area north of pumpkin center but flying over it looks like it is limited access. I will try to do some more scouting this Saturday, but back on duty Sunday. I hope we dont fly I want to watch the game. DCM
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    When you have a camera placed in a good spot for an extended time and you check it regularly and just before the January hunt starts you set up a stand. And then two days before the hunt you go in to check it one more time and find someone else has placed a camera two trees over from yours and has set there own stand, WHAT DO YOU DO?? I know that it is public land and I do not have a right to claim this spot as my own but I have never intentonally moved in on top of someone else. You need to take the time and find your own spot. I will be in my stand opening morning and if the looser that blocks my camera while they set up their own is also there then I say too dang (#$@#@%) bad because neither one of us will be getting a deer from that spot this year. PS I have placed other cameras along the trail hoping to get your picture good luck on finding and blocking all of them. I will post pictures when I get them.
  6. DCMHunter


    This cam is not on water and yes it was blocked while the other camera placed. As stated earlier I would not set up on another persons spot but find my own. When I find a can I will step in front of it and give a thumbs up or a big wafe before moving on. It is public land so when I sit in front of this guy he can't do anything. Just keep in mind that if you don't want it done to you don't do it to someone else.
  7. DCMHunter

    When will results be up

    23 HAM Hunt time to learn a new unit DCM
  8. DCMHunter

    Unit 27 October hunt

    I will get off tomorrow a bought 1:00pm and will get loaded and drive into the area. On Friday morning we will ride into the area I plan to hunt. WE are planning on staying in a remote camp and not coming back to the truck until Monday, unless we cant find water. I hope we find some big ones. DCM
  9. Now that the Elk hunts are over and my wife's New England trip is over, I only have a short time to get ready for the October 24th coues hunt. I have not had this hunt before but am I familiar with the area. My question is should I hunt hi or low? I have horses and can get off the road. Is this a good hunt to work the waters or will it still be wet enough that water is not an issue? My rifles are zeroed at 200 yards should I zero them out further? 300, 400?? I have archery hunted in December and January off the Blue River But will the deer be down there in October? Would it be productive to drop down to the southern end of the unit around Juan Miller? or lower? DCM
  10. DCMHunter

    Big Buck contest

    Is there aBig Buck contest this year? All I can find is information on the 2013-2014 season. DCM
  11. DCMHunter

    Unit 27 October hunt

    Thanks for the information, I think I have a plan to get away from the crowd and will be hunting low to start and riding in about 3-4 miles. and spending 4 days behind the glasses. I am hoping to find good water in the area that I am going to water my horses and not have to return to the truck. DCM
  12. DCMHunter

    Lost and found

    This last summer while out scouting for my elk hunt I lost a Wildgame Viewer/card reader. After several trips back through the area I figured it was lost for good. This last week I went out to pick up my camera's and found a note attached to one of them that said Lost Something and gave a phone number. I called the number and spoke to Mike who asked what did I lose? I told him and he said he had it and we made arrangements to get it back to me. I would like to thank Mike and let him know how much I appreciate what he did and the lesson he gave to his grand children that were with him to see this happen. Thank You DCM
  13. DCMHunter

    Just wondering . . .

    They go out and find a good road to sit by until you drive by and then follow you to your parking spot and then they park 100 yards down the road. DCM
  14. DCMHunter

    Two tags/Two Elk

    My son and I both had early archery bull tags this year and we both tagged out. I only had the first week of the season to hunt and we looking for a decent bull. The hunt started out slow with the elk talking very little. With the scouting the week before I decided to hunt a stand the first day that I had some good picks on. First thing in the morning I had a few cows come by but no bulls. I came out of my stand mid day to meet up with my son and see how he was doing and he had chased a few bugles but never saw any elk. I only heard about 5 bugles all morning long. I returned to the stand that afternoon and had a bear walk under me. Talk about a day late! The next day I got a late start, having to take the truck back to my wife after I forgot that she needed it to haul some horses. My son said he got into quite a few elk but was not able to get a shot at them. When I did get into the field I decided to work up high and above my stand location and saw lots of elk. The first bunch was coming off my stand and had a few little rag horns and 1 small 5X bull. They walked within 20 FEET of me. Checking my camera later on I had pics of a big bull with them but I never saw him when they walked by. I continued to work around the basin and got to within 40 yards of a spike that was bedded down, before spooking him and his buddy. On around a little further I started to get in a hurry and ended up jumping the big boys up before I saw them and they left the area. I met up with my son for lunch and had done about as good as I had. That afternoon I returned to my stand and had a coyote come in and tried to attack my decoy. I boy said the talk had picked up over where he was with very little by the stand. The next day we decided to work together and things started looking up. We worked an area up above where my son had been hunting and bedded a nice 6X. After doing a stalk through a rock slide we got to within range and I got a shot off but as luck would have it I hit a branch and had a clean miss. The rest of the day was uneventful with chasing spiratic bugles all afternoon. Monday comes around and my hunt time is running short. We decide to work the same area again we get in front of the elk early. We had a good herd coming by us and a nice 5X was pushing the cows and a big bull was following up the rear. The first cows that walked by started to sent us started to leave. I decided to try for the 5X and took a 50 yard quartering away shot. The arrow found its mark just in front of the flank and we knew we had a job ahead of us. After waiting about 45 minutes we started tracking the bull and found him about 200 yards up the draw. The rest of the day was spent getting the pack horses and getting him home, The next day after a good nights rest we were back at it trying to find one for my son. We found the day to be wet and rainy. We chased a few bugles and failed a stalk and found ourselves close to a ground blind that we spent the rest of the day in. We had a nice bull come by the blind just out of shooting range for my son. The next day started out about the same. This was the last day I would be able to hunt with my boy and it was raining. We worked a couple of bugles and got in close to some but nothing worth shooting. We decided to work around to an area we had some good bull pictures from and as we neared the top of the ridge we spotted a bedded bull 60 yards away. The bull got up to a cow call and started working up the ridge angling across in front of us. My boy worked up about 5 yards and got in a good area. The bull stepped out from behind some oaks at 30 yards and my boy shoots. The arrow drops out of my site over the ridge and I hear it hit rocks. Was it a Hit?? We walked up about 10 yards and saw a bull running off. after glassing the bull there was no sign of it being hit and we thought we had a miss. We went up and I found my boys arrow in the rocks where I heard it hit Covered in blood. We looked around and 30 yards away was my boys elk. On Thursday I leave for New England with my wife and my son son and his friend are left with the chore of cutting up the meet, filling our freezer. DCM
  15. DCMHunter

    Two tags/Two Elk

    Went up to pick up my stands and cameras yesterday and had good time. I am ready to go hunting again, the bulls where talking and just going crazy. They were even responding to mouth calls and acting like our horses were other elk. I wish I would of taken a video camera and some real calls. cant wait for next year. DCM
  16. DCMHunter

    A few survivors

    Nice I was wondering when they would kick into full rut. DCM
  17. DCMHunter

    Ground Blinds for elk

    Has anyone used a pop-up ground blind for hunting elk? And if you have how long prior to the hunt did you set it up? DCM
  18. DCMHunter

    Ground Blinds for elk

    Thanks for the advise I will try to make it to the mountain this weekend for the start on the 12th. I have been hearing very little bugling an it has bean real worm. We will see what this storm does in the next few days but I think there will be a slow start with a strong finish to the early season this year. DCM
  19. DCMHunter

    Draw results

    I think it took me 6 years to draw that 27 tag and only came home with a bear. The 27/28 has a 98% draw odd. my son and I draw this hunt as our 4th choice. The December hunts where our first two choices.
  20. DCMHunter

    Results are in

    Me and my boy got our fourth choice 27 October Whitetail. I thought I had removed the 3rd, 4th and 5th choice before submitting. 27-28 is a good unit. I will just have to get away from the crowds. I need to start working on my new pack horse. Any one got a good Mule for sale real cheap? DCM
  21. DCMHunter

    AZ Elk Trail Cam Pics

    I spoke to a WM who stated that the ingreedients of a product has some impact on their rule for legal or not. But the big thing that is looked at is how is it packaged. If it states that it is for wildlife it is pritty much going to be not allowed, as if it is packaged for livestock it can be used. DCM
  22. DCMHunter

    Card Hit!!!

    Are there any new hits happening or are they done?
  23. DCMHunter

    Card Hit!!!

    Got two resident hits. Has anyone seen any non resident hits?
  24. Has any one used the Toxic Broadhead? It looks like it cuts three cercles out of what ever you shoot. DCM
  25. Does anyone recognize this pick? I went up to one of my old hunting area's and found a camera over a spring. If you know this spot and would like to share information please PM me. Its a good spot