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    Unit 2

    Me and my brother-in-law drew unit 2 for deer this year. I had seen some big deer in there in the early 90's while hunting Antilope, but havn't spent much time out there sence then. I have been out scouting a few times and can not seem to find the deer anywhere. A lot has change sence I last hunted out there, with a lot more houses and the closure of some area's. Has anyone been out there in the last few years and can tell me where I may find some Deer at? And how to get there? I was thinking around the back side of Lyman Lake but cannot find a why in to this area. Any help would be appreciated Thanks DCM
  2. Hey all I am looking to buy a set of tires and wheels that will fit a 1964 chevy 1/2 ton 4X4. This truck has the old style split rims on it and I can not find anyone that wants to work with them. It has a six lug pattern and I believe 5 1/2" center to center. Not locking for anything fancy at this time, maybe some white spoke wheels. PM me if you have anything you are wnating to get rid of at a decent price. Thanks DCM
  3. DCMHunter

    Coon Canyon Unit 1

    From what I have heard some of that area is supose to open up on August first for scouting and hunting. I am not possitive of the boundry for coon canyon hunt but if you can get on the back side of the 26 Bar ranch and catch them coming out of town would be nice. DCM
  4. DCMHunter

    Unit 27 smoked elk

    Would your buddy want to try and find some more camera's DCM
  5. DCMHunter

    Drawing Results Contest "OVER"

    July 22, @ 10:31
  6. DCMHunter

    Trail camera's

    So how many people out there fill that they may have lost their trail camera's to wildfires in arizona? With the Wallow fire I have four camera's that I feel may have been lost or damaged. Two in unit 27 and two in unit one. I have been watching the Geomac web page and it has shown several days of current active heat in the areas where I have my camera's. I am excited to get back in the area and see if I can salvaage any of them and wondering what kind of pics I may have if they servived. But I expect that that may be several months before they let us back on the forest. DCM
  7. DCMHunter

    Poll: For or Against

    20 years ago you could go out and use a cow call and the bulls would come running. The use of calls did not lead to the demise of the elk, the elk just addapted. Baiting does not insure success and the animals will addapt to the differant methods used. DCM
  8. DCMHunter

    unit one info

    I made it out Saturday to a secret honey hole and had birds all over the place talking their heads off. Lucky me, Thursday was my anniversary and my wife decided to cancel our trip to Lost Wages and I got to go out and play. I got a late start and the birds were off the roost when I get to my area. As I hiked into my spot there were elk on the left end of the meadow and three hens out in the middle. I did some clucks and they came into about 30 yards. Then some other hens off to the right called them off. After the meadow cleared I set up my decoys and got settled into my blind and started calling. With in minutes I had three toms talking to me. The tom in the middle started coming in. As I watched I could see a turkey coming down the road on the far side of the meadow, it was the middle tom and he came out on the far side and hung up. The tom to my right sounded to be getting closer and that disturbed the one on the far side, so he decided to come on in. When he got about half way across the meadow he saw the decoys and started to beline it in. The closer he got the more he puffed up. I shot him just before he attacked my jake decoy. As I was taking pictures I had some hens and a small tom come into the left end of the meadow where the elk were to start with. What a day!! dcm
  9. DCMHunter

    Hunting Coues on Horseback

    I would post some pics but my computor crashed and I lost a lot of my photos. Arizona is a greaat state to hunt a horseback. I have hunted 27, 28, and 32 for coues from a horse. All of the places mentioned are high quality area's and you can get away from the crouds with a horse or mule. Other units I have hunted with horses are 5a, 5b, 6, 9, and of course the 12's and 13's. Most of my pack hunts are scheduled for 7 to 10 days and I don't plan on coming out until I run out of food or the hunt is over. We even did a pack hunt last year on a leftover coues tag and filled half our tags but it wasn't for lack of deer. Send me a PM if you want to, I am most familure with unit 1 and 27. My string is down at this time, to 6 animals and half of them are green so packing will be a challenge this year. If I can recover some photos I will post them. DCM
  10. DCMHunter

    Sunflower seeds

    I like the cracked pepper and the BBQ but after you spray them down with your sent eliminator the loss there flavor. DCM
  11. DCMHunter

    An interesting question for you all...

    Don't pass it up on the first day if you would shoot it on the second day. DCM
  12. My brother-in-law and I decided to pick up a couple of the left over tags for one of the november hunts after not drawing a Kiabab or December tag. I had never hunted the area before and my brother-in-law had not been in the area for over 20 years. My brother-in-law made it down from WI. a couple of days before the hunt and went into the area and got camp set up and did a little scouting. I was not able to leave until the night before the hunt and got into camp at around 10:00pm. Opening morning we went to an area and set up to glass and immediately saw deer. We had watched 3 does work there way along a ridge to an area we thought they were going to bed in and then noticed 3 bucks following them along the same trail. We decided to relocate to an area to intercept the bucks if they continued to follow the does. When we got set up we watched the bucks go behind a tree on the ridge and was ready for them when they came out the other side as the does did, but they never showed up. The three bucks decided to cross the ridge insted of following the does any longer and that was the last we saw them. That evening we spotted another buck but was unable to close the distance to him before dark. First day 18 deer with 4 bucks. The second day was a little slower as we only saw about 8 does. But on the third day we were working up a trail and spotted a doe and fawn across the draw. We classed the area for a long time and could find no other deer in the area. My brother-in-law decided to work up the ridge and then come back down the draw to try and flush something out. As he was working up the ridge I spotted a buck coming down the other side. As I was getting set up to shot the buck dropped into a small saddle out of site from me so I was waiting for him to come back into view when I here BOOM, BOOM Buck Down. My brother-in-law who was up on the ridge could still see him and dropped him. As this was left-over tags neither one of us were holding out for a monster and he got a nice little buck. Unfortionately we never saw another buck the hole trip. We did still see lots of does and fawns. I will try to get another leftover tag in this unit again if I don't draw. 50% success in a unit that only has about 30% DCM
  13. DCMHunter

    Population management hunts

    I recieved a call from the game and fish yesturday and comfirmed my interest today for a population management hunt at House Rock for a cow or yearling Buffalo. Can anyone give me information on this hunt? The hunt is on the 18th, 19th, and 20th of this month, so I only have a short time to prepair. What can I expext to encounter on this hunt? DCM
  14. At 6:00 am this morning my son shot his first deer with a bow. I wish I could have been there with him. The text photo is not reel good and i will try to post it as soon as I can figure out how to get it to the computor. It looks like a nice mulie forky. I will get the story and photos later. I am proud of him getting his first archery deer. DCM
  15. DCMHunter

    First Deer of August 2010 Archery hunt

    Here is a better picture of my sons deer. He needs to have a lesson on operating the camera and takeing better photos. DCM
  16. DCMHunter

    Valuable lessons learned

    Here are some photo's of the 3X at about 60 yards. The pictures were taken threw the sceen on my blind The 4X was wider and higher. The forky and this 3X stuck around for quite a while but never came in close enough for me to take a shot at them. DCM
  17. After my son got his deer first thing Friday morning and I was going to work, I finally got out in the field in the afternoon. I went out to my ground blind and got all set up when around 5:30 I see some deer coming my way. Three bucks and 2 of them are shooters. There was a forked horn tall and wide and a nice 3X3 that I have pictures of on my trail camera. The 3X3 is about 85 - 90 shooter. The third buck I had not seen before a big tall 4X4 I am quessing over 100. The 4X4 comes threw the oaks and drops down into a draw. When he is 30 yards away and about to come out of the draw I adjusted my possition to get a better allignment with my windows and my foot hits some oak leaves in the blind. The bucks head comes up giving me a good look at his antlers and then he turns around and walks back out down the draw and threw the oaks never giving me a shoot. Lesson 1: Make sure the floor of your blind is clear of anything that will make noise. Little to say the 3X3 and forky left with the big one. The next day I had a turkey walk in front of me at 20 yards and I take a shot, My Rage rage opens when it goes threw the sceen and I miss. Lesson 2: Don't shot an mechanical broad head threw a sceen. I then had some elk come by the stand and I spent a long day sitting on a trypod stool. Lesson 3: make sure you have a comfortable seat if you are going to sit all day on it. I didn't get my deer this last weekend but had a great time. I did get some pictures of the three by with my camera that I will try to down load and get posted. P.S. I would like to thank the three hunters that started to walk infront of my blind and when they saw I was there they left the area and did not return. If you are out there in CWT land and PM me some specifics on my set up I will share some information with you. Lesson 4: there are some decent hunters out there. DCM
  18. DCMHunter

    First Deer of August 2010 Archery hunt

    Here is the text phone photo; I will try to attach better photos when I get home. At least I hope he look some good photos with my good camera Levi__s_first_archery_deer_2010.BMP
  19. DCMHunter

    Left Over tags

    My brother-in-law and I picked up a couple of the 30B Nov whitetail tags. Does anyone have any information on this unit? Can the dragoon Mtn be accessed threw the cochise stronghold? I live in the white mountains and will only have limited chances of scouting. I can trade information for unit 1 or 27 if you need. We can do horse trips and are not afraid to camp out. I guess the first thing would be is there any water holes we can start looking at? DCM
  20. DCMHunter

    Private land

    Deserthntr I am in the same spot as you. I do have a mapping soft ware that shows mostly private land rite up to the Coronado forest. At least on the east side and I was told that the west side was the same. Be careful on useing google to find water some of those pictures may be pretty old and the water may not be there during the hunt. I don't know how much rain they have benn getting down there this year. Does any one have any numbers that we can call for access? DCM
  21. DCMHunter

    Left Over tags

    Briant It sounds like you didn't get a tag. I called on Monday evening and was told the end of the week. I called back on Tuesday evening at 4:45 and the lady I spoke to was very nice and i gave her my sons and my sportsman ID and she looked them up for me. I was drawn along with my brother-in-law from WI for the 30B Whitetail hunt. My son did not get a tag. I my sign my tag over to him but he already has a unit 1 Nov. Bull tag. My in-law grew up in Wilcox but has not been in the area for 20+ years. He said depending on the population and houseing changes he thinks he can find a few places. We are thinking about riding horse back into the dragoons but need to get the scupe on water holes. Horses have a hard time without water. If I can find some good water it will be a pack triplike my 2007 Dec hunt. Does any one have any information on some good water holes back off the beaten bath? Again I can trade information for unit 1 or 27. PM me with some atrea's to start looking at. I have a good Arizona map program that give some spings but the last time I tried to plan a trip with it we could not find the springs and had a horse start cramping on us from no water. I can pack evough for me but not the horses. Thanks DCM
  22. DCMHunter

    Population management hunts

    Thanks everyone for the help that was provided, but after nearly two months of swapping and changing shifts everytime the G&F postponed or rescheduled the hunt they the have postponed it one to many times. I was called today and told the the buffalo are not coming off the top and they are postponing the hunt another week. After the last change my boss told me I could not continue to swap shifts every week or every other week. If they call and offer me the tag again I will have to decline the offer unless by chance it is on a weekend I already have off. Thanks again for all the help and hopefully I will be able to put it use someday. DCM
  23. DCMHunter

    Population management hunts

    Hunt has been postponed again. Is this common? I try to rearange schedules to fit the hunt in and then have to rearange them again and again, my boss will not keep doing this forever. I hope they do not change it again. Or should I say I hope the Buffalo come down onto the House Rock so the WM will OK the hunt. DCM (AKA Frustrated)
  24. DCMHunter

    Population management hunts

    Thanks for all the help. This change in dates should work out for the best if the hunt goes. This weekend is Wapiti weekend with the AES at the Sipes Ranch and I would lose lots of help to that. Now I can help at Wapiti and my help can go on the hunt with me. I will be taking horses to carry the meet out and I will do a gutless quartering when I get one down. I do have a good bone saw that braeks down and is easy to pack and a Battery operated zawsaw that the horses can carry. I just spoke to the lady at rock house and she said few are coming down at this time and are hanging tight to the wilderness and tank one. There are some others in the cocks comb area but hopefully will drop down. There is still one hunter in the area with a govenors tag and she hopes that he will not get to chasing them to bad. She also said that last year there were a lot that never came down but stayed up by the Kaibab Lodge area and the park. This not being a Raymand ranch hunt makes it all the better. But my wife is getting tired of watching the identification video every night. Thanks again for all the help and if you think of anything else please post it here or PM me.
  25. DCMHunter

    Population management hunts

    The Game and Fish called yesterday and said that the hunt is being postponed one week, Because the draw hunters had bushed all the buffalo off of house rock this last weekend. They have rescheduled for the 25th, 26th and 27th. I am haveing a hard time shifting schedules again to have time for this hunt. And I will be leaving the 28th for Kerrville Tx so my 4H kids can shoot in the national invitational turnament. The department is trying to work with me to get a tag and is still sending me a box of ammo. It is a bummer to get the call, make all the neccessary change and then have them postpone the hunt. Although I would like some animals be able to hunt. Especially with such a short hunt. DCM