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    arizona draw

    Man I hope the results are posted soon, so I will know for shure that I got drawn. Just befor the site for the draw went off line I checked and their were no draws but all by bonus points where gone. Good luck to everyone and I am predicting tomarrow at 5:00 PM. DCM
  2. Hi I am a new member and would like to know what you hunters think about hunting coues with a 40 caliber muzzleloader. I am looking at getting a green mountain barrel and building a new gun. DCM
  3. DCMHunter

    40 caliber ML

    Lets try this again. I dont know if my last reply worked. I don't see it. Thanks for the information gents and ladies. I am triing to find a bullet mold for the 40 but have only found ones for round ball. I have killed deer and elk with my 54 cal and enjoy it a lot. I have been putting in for goats for ten years and am hoping to draw a tag in unit 2B for ML. I have been drawing a tag for 27/28 whitetail and think it would be a blast to hunt with a smoke pole. I hope I can get this to shoot good enough to hunt with. If any thing it will make a sweet target gun for my kids. DCM