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  1. born2bhuntin

    Ford Motor

    if I remember correctly the FE series of blocks (352,360,390etc) had 352 cast into the left front corner of the block
  2. born2bhuntin

    The Future of Wolves in Arizona

    anyone heard the term "start shoveling" I am not in anyway condoning this !
  3. born2bhuntin

    Remington 600's, 660's and mohawks

    Ya I looked at them myself but don't alot about them . Looked alot like youth models and wondered about rebarreling and triggers. there was 2 loose actions w/ barrels the weekend before last. i wondered how they compared to 700 actions and fitment quality
  4. born2bhuntin

    first buck

    Nice dunkey,It far surpasses anything i have ever shot
  5. born2bhuntin

    Fobbed Antelope.

    Beautiful animal,Looks alot like the one my brother had been chasing
  6. born2bhuntin

    Carp Contest?

    I have killed several AKA carp deer over the years loved um all . The biggest loser contest must be where a carp deer shrinks to a little coes
  7. born2bhuntin

    A Cross in the desert...

    I personally have nothing against crosses ,but i get tired of seeing them on every corner of the street where someone was killed. The cross in this instance is not so much related to religion ,but a monument to soldiers that fought for our country. Those who disagree should not be members in our great country. This is my opinion
  8. born2bhuntin

    Just saying hi

    Welcome ,I am from Southern AZ and ended up in phoenix in 2000 ,work died where I am from and ended buying a house in Glendale ,waiting to get back South.
  9. born2bhuntin

    el pepÉ scores again

    Way to go son!! 2 book bucks in a matter of 2 months-great perserverance-I remember the days I spent not so long ago to do the same thing and my bucks were not even close to being that big!! All being said maybe you left 1 for me to hunt this fall or next December!!! Luv ya DAD!
  10. born2bhuntin

    1st Archery coues deer

    good job-it is a lot bigger than my 1st deer with a bow!
  11. born2bhuntin

    My 2007 "rifle hunt" buck

    Way to go son-you did an outstanding job and something I have never done! Dad says get her done!
  12. born2bhuntin

    Over the counter deer tags

    I would like to see it go to a pick your weapon-only 1 deer tag-as theiy are going out and killing several deer a year if they are not checked. I like the idea of draw for the northern units-because they are overrun with non-residents-this way they could keep the amount to 10%!
  13. born2bhuntin

    Coues Slaughter

    I guess this was a good oportunity for them to get some more meat for the hungry wolves! As they stated that the mest went to the needy-didn't say humans!
  14. born2bhuntin

    anyone near safford

    Here is another Safford-Graham county resident! So there seems to be a few!
  15. born2bhuntin

    Draw Results

    New vendor different results!