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  1. JohnFriddle

    Transmission shops

    Hayes Transmission, 602-321-4767. He's done 2 for me and 4 for friends and family. Zero issues great price. He's in Tempe Broadway and the 101
  2. JohnFriddle

    Tags are in the mail

    Got mine!
  3. JohnFriddle

    Hunting Dog for New Placement

    Original poster here. We are still looking for a new home for Valley. I would be willing to bring her to you or meet somewhere if you live far from me. We just want her to have a better life. Please consider giving Valley a good, stable home. Thanks again.
  4. JohnFriddle

    Hunting Dog for New Placement

    I have a 9 month old, female, not spayed, semi-trained Treeing Tennessee Brindle/Lab mix that needs a new home. Here is a brief history of the breed: History[edit]The Treeing Tennessee Brindle's development began in the early 1960s with the efforts of Reverend Earl Phillips. Because of a column he was then writing in a hunting dog magazine, Phillips became aware of the existence of brindle curs—hunting and treeing dogs with brown coats, "tiger-striped" with black. He contacted their owners and fanciers, discovering that the type was highly regarded for its abilities, and in 1967 contacted them again to form an organization to "preserve and promote" the brindle cur.[1] The Treeing Tennessee Brindle Breeders Association was established in Illinois on March 21.[1] Foundation stock was obtained from various locations in the United States, particularly those between the Ozarks and Appalachian Mountains.[1] The Treeing Tennessee Brindle's records have been maintained through the American Kennel Club's Foundation Stock Service Program since 1995. Let me tell you about her. Her name is Valley. She was given to us at 7 weeks of age. She is up to date on her shots. Pros: Very smart, eager to learn, loves humans and wants to be by your side, leash and harness trained, can sit, shake and lay down, she plays fetch, been squirrel hunting and has no fear of gunshots and has been fed top quality food since puppy age so she is excellent shape. Cons: She doesn't like little dogs. At all. She has never shown a bit of aggression to a human but she just doesn't like small dogs. She also has a problem with submissive urinating. She is a pleaser and if she feels like she's in trouble she will squat and pee. I have tried so many training techniques but she just hasn't stopped. The vet says she will probably grow out of it by a year of age. We really love this girl but we just can't keep her. We have 2 older, small dogs and she just can't get along with them. She is still a puppy and wants so desperately to be loved and be trained. She is the kind of dog that with a little training will be a huge part of your family for the rest of her life. Please contact me if you're interested. I will be somewhat particular about her new home. I want the best for her. Thanks.
  5. JohnFriddle

    03 bombardier quest 650 4x4 questions

    I had an 03 quest 650. It was a great quad, I only sold it because I wanted a Jeep which I do use a lot more. Carb is no big deal, just run it out of gas when your going to store it, I never had one issue at all with that. I did re-jet it it had a 20 on it that ran rich up north, a 15 ran great up north and lean in town. I ended up putting in a 17.5 and it ran great everywhere. I haven't heard of or experienced any transmission problems. The full time 4x4 thing wasn't the best, I probably would look for a part time 4x4 if I were to get another quad, but It always worked fine. Tons of power though, and they are really stable. The storage is pretty great to. Good Luck
  6. JohnFriddle

    'Simplified' Fees by AZGFD

    Well..... I don't know about that.... Whining about prices going up sounds pretty dang American to me. Are the increases enough to stop me from putting in for the hunts I want? Nope. I sent in my comments, I hope they listen, but if they don't I'll get over it. I would like them to ditch the premium tag thing though. That is just a gouge, It's not enough of an increase to keep people from putting in for those hunts, there is no added value, it's just an excuse to raise the price more. It's hard enough to get drawn for those hunts, the least they could do is give it to ya for the same price as the rest of the tags.
  7. JohnFriddle

    Fire Restrictions on Coconino and Kaibab NF

    People need to be held accountable.... Whatever the restictions are, you're responsible for anything you light on fire. Period.... Putting out your fire, I mean dead out, is the law. I agree with fire rescrictions, I abide by them every year... But If your not going to hold people accountable for their actions all the bans in the world won't stop the idiots from acting like idiots....
  8. JohnFriddle

    Fiberglass Camper shell

  9. JohnFriddle

    Fiberglass Camper shell

    I'm selling my camper shell it's 72" wide and 84" long. It's in pretty good shape the clear coat on the roof is coming off here and there, but other than that it looks pretty good. I had it on my 04 Chevy short bed and it was about an inch too long and about 4 inches too wide in the back. $150 obo. Thanks Call or text 623-293-3083
  10. JohnFriddle

    Animals Against Obama

    That's awesome!
  11. JohnFriddle

    2012 Weight loss thread

    How's everyone doing on their weight loss? I started out at 341 2 months ago and I'm down to 292 as of this am... On my way to around 200, and off meds!
  12. JohnFriddle

    Sharing the Wealth

    How about Clinton's " We're the party of we're all in this together, share the wealth and responsibility." Isn't that the actual communist manifesto?
  13. JohnFriddle

    Left wants God OUT

    That may have been the funniest thing I have ever seen... Talk about sticking to your guns, nothing like changing your platform in the middle of a convention then pretending the vote passed when it didn't. Watching those idiots on the floor make me believe for the first time Romney can actually win...
  14. JohnFriddle

    Weatherby Vanguard .300 Win Mag

  15. JohnFriddle

    Coconino County Elk Hunters

    Unethical? Agreed that it is indeed PUBLIC land but if i take time, energy, and considerable resources to scout, put up trail cameras and pay my hard earned money for a tag, and, in that time find a nice spot for a two week elk hunt and a great water hole or wallow or trail, and put my camera up, and take the courteousy to seriously look about for other cams and stands, or sit and watch from a distance, and determine good huntable wildlife in the area and erect a ground blind or pop-up or tree stand, i would expect others to recognize this especially if those cams and stands/blinds have been up for two weeksor better, is it ethical for some other hunter who just wondered up that weekend or morning or night before the hunt to slide in and hunt that tank or camp in that spot ? He has just as much right to hunt there as you do or anyone else. The great thing about public land is it's available to everyone to legally use, unfortunately it can also be the worst thing about it as well. When I put in the work, I make sure I'm there first. If not better have a backup plan...