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  1. muledeerarea33?

    freakin rodents!

    That sucks! I’ve seen packrats chew thru every non lethal deterrent out there and total some vehicles. One of which was a $100k car with less than 100 miles on it.
  2. muledeerarea33?

    What are these.

    Old school flaccid member device.
  3. muledeerarea33?

    F New Mexico

    I had a family member die yesterday from covid. I agree that if your susceptible to it that you should distance. If you have a family member susceptible to it then they should tell you to distance. But if your family member is a war hero and raised a good family, I don’t know how to tell them to stay the F home! Either way I agree with the statement here. Personal responsibility is key!! My uncle went out like a hero in my eyes. And nobody was going to tell him what to do!
  4. muledeerarea33?

    Primer trade

    I have 1k CCI 200 large rife primers. Will trade for 1k small pistol primers. Tucson or southern AZ. Rarely in the Phoenix valley area.
  5. muledeerarea33?

    Primer trade

    Trade pending with 0z31p. If it falls thru I’ll work my way down the line. Thanks guys.
  6. muledeerarea33?

    Unit 36A help

    I’ve learned lately to not think of things that I don’t know. Possibly he did? If so, shame on him,
  7. muledeerarea33?

    Mom fighting for her life with Covid 19

    I’m sorry to hear. This hits home. I pray she makes it
  8. muledeerarea33?

    Primer trade

    dang you! I’ll send you a message.
  9. muledeerarea33?

    Unit 36A help

    If he got decent advice he might of followed up. But I blame no one for not giving info.
  10. muledeerarea33?

    AGFD - Green Valley Lakes Get Extra Trout

    The ole “2 picture” trick to make it look bigger. I got your number buddy! 😂
  11. muledeerarea33?

    03 nissan Xterra 4X4 for sale

    I’ve seen it in person. Really nice rig.
  12. muledeerarea33?

    What is this?

    Looks like salt/water mix made in ice cube trays. It could take months for an animal to start going to it. Did you taste it?
  13. muledeerarea33?

    What is this?

  14. muledeerarea33?

    Christmas “Bobcat”

    Bob what? What cat??
  15. muledeerarea33?

    AZ Lifetime License questions

    Still a non res but your put into the res pool for the draw. So you pay more.
  16. muledeerarea33?

    Compilation of Arizona Trail Cam Footage

    So banning cams is bad???!!
  17. muledeerarea33?

    Thanksgiving buck

    Congratulations to her.
  18. muledeerarea33?

    Fortress Clothing

    I saw it on shark tank a while back. Good idea but pricy
  19. muledeerarea33?

    Garymills is a scammer

    Must of been all the good advice.
  20. muledeerarea33?

    Garymills is a scammer

    Don’t believe that’s the case here? The scammers pop up quickly and multiple times our job as users/members is to flag them and report them to moderators.
  21. muledeerarea33?

    Legal mineral site attractents

    11x11?? dang eastern Amish! Don’t know how points work!! I planted an orchard at my place. If fruit trees are eaten by problem deer, I can shoot them! If their legal.
  22. muledeerarea33?

    57 years ago

    I’m a ripe ole 37ish
  23. muledeerarea33?

    57 years ago

    It’s really sad! When I was in 3rd grade, the school dragged in a tv to watch the frieking OJ Simpson verdict! Very sad how empathy and sorrow has gone down hill in this country over the past 50+ years.
  24. muledeerarea33?

    Buddy Heater Repair

    It’s like 50 degrees at night. Hope you don’t turn your tent into a sweat lodge. Better yet, I hope it cools down!