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  1. muledeerarea33?

    Thought about HECS clothing

    They’re called citizens now!!
  2. muledeerarea33?

    Who hear is a leader/boss?

    Starting a new position Tuesday running a crew. I’ve always had ideas of how I’d do it but when I was told I actually get to, all those ideas flew away!! Any tips to running a profitable tight ship without being an as$hole?
  3. muledeerarea33?

    Remember the 80s in Phoenix

    The 928 thing took Awhile to get used to
  4. muledeerarea33?

    Who hear is a leader/boss?

    I got enough for all 12 of your Amish family, it’s the performance that I’m not sure of.
  5. muledeerarea33?

    Who hear is a leader/boss?

    That’s exactly how I hope to be!! And that’s the guy that I would respect! I’m trying to be that guy now. My hands aren’t clean at the end of the day with this job.
  6. muledeerarea33?

    My Mentor

    Adolph Leupold 😁
  7. muledeerarea33?

    Who hear is a leader/boss?

    Just an update to this. I don’t like leaving things unanswered. I’ve been reading a whole lot less “.new content” here and answering texts less frequently. (Kevin, I’ll find a shotgun for your kids!!) this job has taken over my existence but that’s ok, I welcome the challenge! I’ve used the advice of almost everyone here and so far you guys are not wrong. Thank you to everyone again. Time to get my short sleep now.
  8. I must of missed that post?
  9. muledeerarea33?

    Good ole days on ammo prices

    Jensen’s turned into 2nd amendment sports. I believe it was the place just down the street that had the issues with the guns.
  10. muledeerarea33?

    Hunting Pain Relief?

    I did, knowing it was 2 years old.
  11. muledeerarea33?

    Hunting Pain Relief?

    Does everyone realize this thread is 2 years old???
  12. muledeerarea33?

    New reloading setup

    When you own a shop........
  13. muledeerarea33?

    Hunting Pain Relief?

    I just quit the booze for a few days, drink a few gallons of water a day then get back on the booze. All the voices in my head are happy then!
  14. muledeerarea33?

    Some people

    Exactly! Only in your dreams.
  15. muledeerarea33?


    I can’t read but the pictures show your amazing lion!!! Dream for me, congratulations!!
  16. muledeerarea33?

    Some people

    That hunk of sh!t would get stuck before it made it to my driveway.
  17. muledeerarea33?

    First hunt for Enoch, 35a second hunt.

    Gotta be a rented house!
  18. muledeerarea33?

    My dads buck

    Cool looking rack, congrats to him.
  19. muledeerarea33?

    Who hear is a leader/boss?

    But when specific skilled workers are non existent and a shop needs skilled, AND! The skilled guys are not so skilled and being pre Madonnas and acting like they’re fully trained but they’re not!! I thrive off chaos!! Hopefully I can handle this amount of it!
  20. muledeerarea33?

    Who hear is a leader/boss?

    Sorry if I haven’t “liked or quoted” on all the responses. I’ve looked at them all and am trying to absorb all the info. Today was supposed to be just changing shops and organizing myself. But I found myself organizing others and changing stuff around already! Most were 100% on board (knowing they needed it) and few were not. I'll be observing for the next week or so before I call a meeting and explain what I expect. Luckily I’ve worked with some of these guys before and already have the respect built with them. Thank you all again for the responses. Day -1 was rough! Hopefully day 0 will be better!!
  21. muledeerarea33?


    But they make the fun happen!!
  22. muledeerarea33?


    Hope this stays clean! Although I know the trains your referring to.
  23. muledeerarea33?

    Can you spot it?

    Actually it looks like a skeletonized shoulder mount! Head, neck, front leg, weird antlers, and a handle on the back.
  24. muledeerarea33?

    Who hear is a leader/boss?

    Holy crap! I wasn’t expecting so many solid answers so quickly. Thanks guys, all of this is gold.
  25. muledeerarea33?

    Can you spot it?

    Well yeah I can spot it! It’s a huge piece of wood, duh!