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  1. BowhuntCoues

    Weatherby .257 Riffle and Ammo $600

  2. BowhuntCoues

    2011 AZ Buffalo

    This was truly a once in a lifetime experience and I owe many thanks to Dick Tone and Corky Richardson for the help they gave me on this hunt and yes Corky, you are right on how addicting it is. I'm sure we will be helping you for many years to come, but I am going to limit your personal operating time on the equipment, to be under direct supervision of others. This will keep the break downs to a bare minimum. LOL No, in all honesty, I am very blessed to be able to participate in a hunt such as this and even more blessed to have the friends I have, that would help the way they did. The whole experience of this hunt will be with me forever, as there were many days of failure to get to that one day of success. Thanks to all and good huntin' Carl
  3. BowhuntCoues

    2011 AZ Buffalo

    I used a Hoyt Katera XL, 68 lbs, 340 Full Metal Jacket and a 100 grain Magnus Stinger Buzzcut. Arrow weighed 459 grains total and was 273 fps out the bow. Happy with the set up the arrows were flying very well after a little help from Robert at Broken Arrow Archery. He bent over backwards to make sure my set up was right on!
  4. BowhuntCoues

    2011 AZ Buffalo

    What an awesome experience, to be one of the lucky people and draw this tag. I have been putting in for many years and always dreamed of being able to hunt a buffalo with a bow and it finally got to happen. I spent quite a few days searching for sign and finally found a few buffalo, what a task that is just to find them, it will make your whole body sore and tired. We had spotted a few cows and a yearling early in the morning, they bedded down in about 100 yards from me. I decided to stay and watch them and my buddy was going to walk over to look in the next drainage. After an hour or so a few guys drove by and spooked the buffalo off, at the same time my buddy was working his way back to me, as he spotted 2 bedded bulls and they were spooked off too. All the buffalo were gone.... So with that, we decided we would put a treestand up on a trail that they were frequenting in the flat by where the cows were bedded. We were looking for a good tree to put a stand in, when my buddy spots a bull across the canyon. He is freaking out due to the size and me, not knowing a big bull from a little one cause there're all big to me, I'm just happy to see one again. The bull is across a good canyon a little over 300 yards away, by himself and very stalkable. We decide on a good route to get to him and off I go. It took me close to an hour to get above the bull and be able to see my buddy. We had worked out a few hand signals before I left and he flagged me to keep on top of the rim rock. I finally seen the bulls hump below me about 70 yards. It looked as though I was as close as I could get for awhile and I watched him feed to 60 yards below me and bed down behind a big tree. Thats when the waiting began, aghh. It was very cold out and me being stupid only wore a light shirt, thinking this won't take long. Well after watching this bull lay up in front of me for 3 hours I was frozen. He had layed completely flat once and I couldn't see his head, so I decided to sneak closer when he did that again. So when he did, I snuck to within 53 yards as he picked his head up. Well from here I had no shot due to brush in front of me. So when he layed his head down again, I moved over 3 steps, this time he heard me. I had my site pre set at 53 yards and was ready for this, he picked his head up, looked my way, stood up and stepped forward just as I had hoped. I drew back, settled into the shot and let it feed. The bull loped forward into clear view and I could see where I shot thinking it looked good. He went 24 yards and stopped, he started staggering then crashed 30 yards down the mountain, taking trees and vegetation with him. It was amasing seeing the size of trees he took out as he fell. Many pack trips and a few days latter the bull was finally to the truck. They are huge animals! I feel very blessed just to have the oppotunity to hunt these fine animals and to be able to do it with a bow, wow!
  5. BowhuntCoues

    Long Sleeve CW.com shirt

    Hi Amanda, Hope I'm not too late to order, been busy. I'll take: 1 large prairie 1 medium prairie 1 youth medium orange 1 youth large orange Thanks, Carl
  6. BowhuntCoues

    Boyz of Summer 2008

    Doug, I thought it was cool to see that the 7x7 made it another year and we get to see him back in Kachina Village again. Maybe if he's lucky and we are luckier we can see your photos of him on CWT again next year. Awesome photos, Carl
  7. BowhuntCoues

    Coues Deer Celebration 5!!!

    Really nice video Amanda great job, enjoyed very much. Thanks Carl
  8. BowhuntCoues

    2007-08 Big Game Super Raffle Elk

    WOW!!!! Congrads!
  9. BowhuntCoues

    Archery season

    I'm going to go out with a recurve, I guess I will need to be checked for skull thickness because I shoot like I still need training wheels. LOL Don't worry Dallas, I'll tie up a buck for you to shoot on the 2nd weekend.
  10. BowhuntCoues

    Boyz of Summer 2008

    Great photos Doug! Got a few from that herd of bulls last year on July 2nd. I wonder how many are the same bulls, the 7x7 is definitely the same bull.
  11. BowhuntCoues

    Awesome Flop-Ear Shed....

    Nice sheds. I like the photo with "Drake" the glassin' pardner.
  12. BowhuntCoues

    Few weekend sheds

    I found these about a little over month ago and theyall came up missing. Then as I was driving down the road I noticed the neighbor had allot of sheds laying around, so I stopped to ask if he had problems with sheds coming up missing. He replied "No, but my dog drug 4 in the other day, he's allways draging in sheds." The dog had chewed up everything except for the non typical. I'm thinking I should take the dog with me shed hunting.
  13. BowhuntCoues

    Few weekend sheds

    We found a few sheds laying around this weekend. Have to hang sheds in the tree to keep the neighbor's dog from running off with them. LOL
  14. BowhuntCoues

    processors or vultures

    So do you charge by the pound after any wasted meat is removed? If not, it would benefit to move the scale to the front of the rack.
  15. BowhuntCoues

    processors or vultures

    As noted before once you get home with the meat, you chalk it up to a learning experience. It would have been different for me had I felt I was appreciated as a customer, then maybe I would have called back and let you know I didn't receive the roast as requested.