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  1. joelpresmyk8

    My latest Finds!!

    Thanx steve I was really lucky!!!!!
  2. joelpresmyk8

    1st shed of the year!

    Very nice!!!!
  3. joelpresmyk8

    AZ Borderland Sheds?

    Awesome shed!!!
  4. joelpresmyk8

    shedss (elk&coues)

    Awesome finds!!
  5. joelpresmyk8

    My first shed!!

    Nice first one!!!!
  6. joelpresmyk8

    Coues set

    Heck yeah thats a sweet find!! I love the mass
  7. joelpresmyk8

    My latest Finds!!

    yeah! i cant stop thinking of where i want to look next. went out this afternoon and jumped up a BIG buck and then later two does. also saw a fresssssh lion track from this mornings rain. No sheds:(
  8. joelpresmyk8

    My latest Finds!!

    I will put a closer pic as soon as I get home amanda! They are really neat. Its the third we have found. They are usually in an old tobacco can or some other kinda of can. This one was in a really old coffee can under a stack of rocks Joel
  9. joelpresmyk8

    My latest Finds!!

    thats not a whitie track?
  10. joelpresmyk8

    My latest Finds!!

  11. joelpresmyk8

    My latest Finds!!

    really unique one
  12. joelpresmyk8

    My latest Finds!!

    my brothers set, sweet atl and the 1949 mining claim i found
  13. joelpresmyk8

    Freaks of the Woods

  14. joelpresmyk8

    Another huge archery buck

  15. joelpresmyk8

    A few coues sheds

  16. joelpresmyk8


    Heck yeah cool find!! How many more posts till I can make a thread
  17. joelpresmyk8

    Shed from the desert

    Mathews doesnt know. But good job man, those ones least expected are always best!
  18. joelpresmyk8

    First 2012 pickup

    Very nice I have the identical one to it!
  19. joelpresmyk8

    elk antler

    Very nice!!!
  20. joelpresmyk8

    Matched Up!

    Haha ok!!!
  21. joelpresmyk8

    Palmated Shed

    I think my bro scored it at 108". I think ill measure it again to see
  22. joelpresmyk8

    A SET

    What awesome finds!!!
  23. joelpresmyk8

    3 Main Beam

    What part of az you from ben?
  24. joelpresmyk8

    A few coues sheds

    Very nice sheds!
  25. joelpresmyk8

    180+ Coues Sheds --- You better sit down before you look!

    I just crapped my pants