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    Bead blaster located in phoenix?

    I'm actually in Gilbert but need to bead blast a couple little pieces of metal. Anyone have one I can use for 5 minutes? Need to lay a few coats of paint but need the crappy finish taken off first.
  2. I bought this rifle from a guy off this forum who needed money a couple years back. I just want to get my money back out of it and get it to someone who will shoot it. I got a box of shells with the gun that had 5 bullets missing and told it was the only 5 shots through this gun. I have not shot it since owning it. Remington 710 .270 Rifle with Bushnell scope and included sling. Removeable clip. Ready to go hunting tomorrow! $300 Call or text- I am in Gilbert off Ray and Val Vista Deven 480-seven21-4seven8nine
  3. vegasjeep

    Ruger P85 9mm w/ holster

  4. vegasjeep

    Ruger P85 9mm w/ holster

    i am selling this Ruger P85 9mm with two clips and holster for $350. This gun has served me well over the years and I no longer need it with my new aquisition....It has been a carry, hunting and side arm for me and now it has been sitting in the gun safe. Shoots straight and a very nice shooter. $300 Call or text- I am in Gilbert off Ray and Val Vista Deven 480-seven21-4seven8nine
  5. I have a few guns i am posting up. I usually dont dump guns but these ones need to go before the wife kills me for the other guns I aquired... LOL Lady Smith & Wesson Stainless with Wood grip. 5 shot .357/.38 Special. Comes as you see it in case and ready to go in your safe or purse. I used this gun as a concealed gun for the shorts. very small and nice. Only a handful of shells have been shot through the gun. $500 Call or text- I am in Gilbert off Ray and Val Vista Deven 480-seven21-4seven8nine
  6. vegasjeep

    Ruger P85 9mm w/ holster

  7. vegasjeep

    Davis Wall Tent - Like New

    sent you a text....
  8. vegasjeep

    Ruger P85 9mm w/ holster

  9. vegasjeep

    Lady Smith & Wesson .357 Stainless/Wood 2" Barrel

    Im good, i dont need another pistol. LOL
  10. vegasjeep

    Lady Smith & Wesson .357 Stainless/Wood 2" Barrel

    sure..... what do you got?
  11. vegasjeep

    Early November 2014 36B Coues Tag

    ive camped in 36b every year except for last year for the last 10 years numerous times each year. It is not as bad as some make it but the illegal presence is there. Just be smart and youll be fine.
  12. vegasjeep

    red quad cab dodge

    Saw you in the Ray and Val Vista area. Was driving by while you were in getting food and coupldnt get a pic
  13. vegasjeep

    Gun stock cut down needed

    Pm me the info
  14. vegasjeep

    Gun stock cut down needed

    I'm looking for someone in the Phoenix valley to cut down my gun stock. I have a Boyd's thumb hold and I think I could cut 1.5" off it. Anyone know of someone who could help? Ready to finally finish and fine tune my 7mm build
  15. vegasjeep

    2012 Weight loss thread

    Im sure there is more then just me who needs to drop a few pounds. WIth a hurting ankle leading up to my first surgery and after that and the following two surgeries I have been very immobile for close to 9 months. Im wanting to get back down to the 180 mark. I am currently at 226 lbs. I started yesterday by trying to exercise as much as I can, cut out beer, soda, crap food and whatever. My goal is to lose 30 pounds by opening hunting season first rifle hunt. I know I can do it but it will be hard as I still cannot run or jog. My ankle just does not allow it right now. I can move about as fast as 3.6 mph on the treadmill. those arent comfortable mph either. Every step is sore. So who else needs encouragement to lose a few lbs these next couple of months?
  16. We are having our first child a baby girl Brooke on March 13. So I am helping with decorating a bit and surprising mommy as the baby shower is this Saturday. I know bedding, window decorations etc. have been purchased. Im trying to help the rest of the room to match and look good with the new bedding and window decor. The bedding purchased and matching window treatments is the Camo purple Realtree material. Unfortunately they no longer make it. Its hard to find. WE found all pieces but I wish I could fins material to use for other stuff. http://www.basspro.com/Realtree-APC-Lavender-Crib-Bedding-Collection/product/12062304271920/ anyways, the room is currently white. I was thinking of painting a few walls brown and one purple to bring the bedding colors to the walls. We bought wooden letters to spell her name and was thinking of hydro dipping them camo using a purple base color which would make them match. any ideas on that? Its expensive though. any ideas to decorate this room? If it was a baby boy it might be a little easier. since it is a girl it makes it a bit harder... trying to keep it girlie but bring in our elements into the room. The third color down is the colors im using for the wall.
  17. vegasjeep

    Becoming an Outdoorswoman workshop - space available

    When is the next one? We are having a kid on March 13 but the one after would be great for my wife.
  18. vegasjeep

    Headed out to 36B in the morning....

    Had no service to get this out in the hills. I did talk to JJ and had him in our camp... GREAT guy. We had a lot of fun.
  19. Keep an eye out and if you see us say hello. I drive my diesel down there and we hunt in the yellow 4 dr Jeep. Im all loaded up and headed out Tuesday morning. If anyone needs help or gets in trouble give me a ring. Ready to get this hunting season started!!! Deven 480-721-4789