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  1. Yes. I do. I’ll update the post here when they’re gone.
  2. My mistake. Long day with too many other numbers. Post corrected. Thanks.
  3. Trade only please - exactly as the title states. Located in the east valley.
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    Bladder removal

    Creed, Red Rabbit posted a link in a disscusion board that shows how to do it. I've pasted that link below and also his comments as they appeared to be helpful... "I use the no-gut method of field dressing. You can get all of the meat without having to pull guts and lungs, unless you want the heart and liver. Here's a link that shoes that method. I usually skin off the entire top side so there is no hide on th equarters. Do one side first and then roll it over. The tenderloins are located in front of the pelvic girdle and up under the last few floating ribs. You can reach in, push the guts away, and pull/carefully cut them out." http://huntingnut.com/index.php?name=News&...=article&sid=27 egallred