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  1. Okay need some more help. I was looking at Garmin's on Amazon and there are several versions of the 650, all at different prices. So I guess my question is which one do you and Amanda have? I definitely want one that indicates property ownership.

  2. I have the AZ map for the 650.. Its pretty awesome and shows everything its pretty much like having one of those flat land maps. They even show land owner boundaries and most water tanks, I definitely recommend it.



    Does it indicate by, color, state-federal-private properties?

  3. Like your dad I'm not to smart about all this newfangled stuff, yeah I'm old too 75. So a stupid question can you put a state card in it that will tell you if'n you on state, federal or public land? Was trying to read what was on the box - but got a twitch in my neck trying to figure it out. <_<