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  1. Grayish Land Rover, headed south on SR92. Good looking blonde in front seat and a good looking GSP in backseat.
  2. Chief

    Viking Epic pop up trailer

    Interested but need some info: Length of trailer as shown in your first photo, could use a couple more inside photos, is there a stove and sink inside the trailer? I assume the trailer is in Mesa. Thank you
  3. Chief

    Weatherby Vanguard Sporter 257 wby SOLD

    Hard to pass up, if I was still capable of big game hunting this would be my rifle. I have seen them sell at $850, super deal for anyone who need a big game rifle. Good luck on he sell apache12.
  4. Chief

    Weaver Grand Slam TACTICAL 3-10x40

    Most of my rifles wear Weaver's. My hunting days are mostly behind me now but if I was as active as I use to be this Weaver would be mine in no time and it still might be. Somebody needs to buy this before I do.
  5. Chief

    ISO winchester model 70 270

    Win Mdl 70 FW, .308, like NIB, fired less than five times. Base and rings included $750, no trades.
  6. Chief

    WTB Thompson contender

    .223, heavy barrel, like new. Make an offer.
  7. Chief

    wtb rifle

    Win Mdl 70FW - .308 DPMS LR-308 The Winchester and DPMS are like NIB, actually the DPMS is NIB. The Winchester has had less than a box fired through it. Also have a Rem700BDL, .243 and Weatherby Vanguard 7MAG
  8. Chief

    Honda 2000i generator

    More than a fair price. I wouldn't let mine go for that price.
  9. Interested in the 22M, put me on the list, in case other sales fall through.
  10. Chief

    LC Smith SxS

    Thank you Gunit, that is the information buyers should have. We now have both sides of the story so it is up to the potential buyer to make the choice.
  11. Chief

    I wonder

    This is way we are not fully engaged with those who want to kill us. We have a limp wrist leader as our CinC
  12. Chief

    2015 Forest River clipper sport-1806ls

    Would it be possible for you to rotate the pictures so they are horizontal and not vertical? Also overall length, from hitch to back bumper. Thanks
  13. Chief

    Rino 650 maps

    Thank you Phil, exactly the info I was looking for. Think I'll go ahead and order the 650 with the AZ chip.
  14. Chief

    Rino 650 maps

    Okay need some more help. I was looking at Garmin's on Amazon and there are several versions of the 650, all at different prices. So I guess my question is which one do you and Amanda have? I definitely want one that indicates property ownership.
  15. Chief

    Rino 650 maps

    Does it indicate by, color, state-federal-private properties?
  16. Chief

    Garmin Rino 650t

    Like your dad I'm not to smart about all this newfangled stuff, yeah I'm old too 75. So a stupid question can you put a state card in it that will tell you if'n you on state, federal or public land? Was trying to read what was on the box - but got a twitch in my neck trying to figure it out.
  17. Chief

    Winchester model 70, 270 win

    OK I'm in Sierra Vista, if the sale falls through I'll drive down and pick it up.
  18. Chief

    Winchester model 70, 270 win

    Depending on your location I'll take it.
  19. Chief

    Grunt call for coues

    Looks like 35a.
  20. Chief


    Yet another.
  21. Chief


    Ya got another one.
  22. Chief

    Ruger M77 257 Roberts $400

    Your location and what is wrong with the stock?
  23. Chief


    Check your PM's.
  24. Chief


    Me too!