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  1. My son brought this rifle down from Tempe today and the pictures do not do it justice. I currently have about 5 .308's in the safe but think they will all take a back seat to this one. This is really a nice looking older Mohawk and I'm glad nobody beat me to it........


    Thanks levers was a pleasure doing business with ya. If'n you ever down this way let me know.

  2. I guess I just don't understand what you are saying. There are just a limited number of permits for the hunting areas on the fort, just like there are for the game management areas off the fort. They do on occassion have permits left over after the first draw, just like areas do off the fort. They get issued on a first come first serve basis to those who are eligible to hunt the fort, to my knowledge all the tags are issued. Are you suggesting that those who are not eligible to hunt the fort are more proficient hunters than those that do, therefor they should be issued tags? Are you also suggesting that they have an unlimited number of tags for the fort? Additionally are you also suggesting that if the fort was open to the "general public" that the 29 deer would not have had to been killed? I also think that some of those people who you don't consider to be the general public would take exception. A soldiers son who is attending the UofA, ASU or NAU is surely considered in the general public - I think, likewise a retired soldier or his spouse, would you not consider them in the general public? How about those in the CHAMP Program? Not trying to be argumentative here, just trying to understand?


    P.S. I don't hunt the fort

  3. Fort Huachuca is open to hunting.


    Yes I know, but only to military personel. And if I remember correctly they give out very few permits and even then there are leftovers. If they opened it to the public and just required some sort of safety class like they do for a portion of the goldwater range they could increase hunter opportunity and save tax payers money from having to do stupid stuff like this.


    You don't remember correctly. Permits are not limited only to military personnel but include active and retired military personnel (worldwide), their spouse, and legal dependents may also apply. All full-time civil service AND Non-appropriated fund employess of Fort Huachuca, their spouse and legal dependents may apply. Any person who is enrolled in the AGFD CHAMP program may apply. I do recall tags left over from the first draw but never from the the first come first serve draw. The cost associated with this "slaughter" is nothing compared to the cost of a single aircraft or the life of a individual.

  4. Thank you all, have been watching him now for 3 years so I would say he is at least a 4 year old, but not much more. I have no doubt that his genes are on the mountain and will remain there for many years to come. He was running with a bachlor group of three others, all "shooters" but at 300 yards he appeared to be the biggest. I am not the shooter, had a friend from back east who got lucky and drew a Nov Non-Resident Tag. I keep a pretty close eye on the coues in the area I hunt in and had this guy "kinda" figured out. As luck would have it he came out in the open pretty close to where I thought he would. I have killed my share of nice coues over the years and now enjoy taking friends out and watching their enjoyment in shooting a quality buck.

  5. Several years ago and after all the kids were out on their own and we didn't need the meat I made myself a promise never to shoot a buck smaller than the last one. Consequently I have gone several years without killing any Coues. However since that time I have two that would qualify and one that is close. I may never kill another Coues and that is ok with me as long as I live on the mountain and get to see them on a daily basis is all I need - at my age and stage. No score needed.

  6. Tines - I sure know how you feel, just last Saturday I was out doing some predator calling and had all these mule deer hunters walking all over the area I was calling in. Since I wasn't having any luck in calling decided I'd get some small game hunting in, sure as heck more deer hunters to ruin MY hunt. Can't understand the nerve of some people.


    All joking aside I do understand your problem and have encountered it while WT hunting and it does make me mad also, but as some of the others have stated, varmint and small game hunting is in and it is legal to be out there. As to the loud music and shooting I think that is unexcusable and would have told them so and also taken license plate numbers and reported them.

  7. Thank you Arizona Guide, we live with the problem down here 24/7 and have always and will always support the BP, that's way it bothers me when I hear comments such as the one posted about us not supportive of the BP. What is even more discouraging is when the comments come from a BP Officer. We have attended many social events with BP Officers and have invited them into our home for the Hoildays, especially those that are single and here without family close by. To be painted with a broad brush does a dis-service to the residents of Cochise County and the Border Patrol.