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  1. It looks like you got your own nice eyeguard. Happens to all of us eventually. Nice post. shayne
  2. shaynec

    First Buck!!!

    I like the hat and the rifle, not to mention a great buck. The pictures look like they could be posted on the vintage thread. Nice. shayne
  3. I don't know. I think you must be spoiled. Nice video. shayne
  4. shaynec

    Who's the oldest hunter you know?

    I'm 54 years old. I lost my Dad when I was 4. I like the fact that you guys take the time to let people know that you appreciate hving your Dad around. The older I get the more I miss him. shayne
  5. The rifle I just got back from Hart was just a standard 243 1x8 24'' barrel. I stuck it in a stock from stockies and its everything I could of hoped for. I'm having very good luck with the 115 Dtac's. It makes you rethink what it takes to shoot long distance, and we are just not happy unless we're in the middle of another project. So what short action standard bolt face caliber should the next one it be.... shayne
  6. I'm in the middle of a similar project. I have a Rem 700 sps in a .223 and I am going to have it rebarreled by Hart baarrels to a 6xc but I decided to by a replacement bolt from David Tubb. He also makes a short action bolt with a magnum face so its got me thinking about my what next project project will be. shayne
  7. What will your gunsmith do with your bolt face to accomodate the WSM? shayne
  8. shaynec

    3 buck in two days

    Those young men looked like they knew what they were doing. Congratulations! shayne
  9. shaynec

    Suggestions on which long range gun to buy

    Sorry, but I had to confirm your numbers with Hornadys newest guide. Your right. src
  10. shaynec

    Suggestions on which long range gun to buy

    This isn't really a fair statement. For example, take your 6.5mm 140 grain A-Max (B.C. .550 G1) and put it up against the 180 grain A-Max (B.C .580 G1) in a 300 WM you will see that they have similar muzzle verlocities but with the slightly higher B.C the 300 WM is acutally flatter shooting, has less wind and has more energy at 1,000. I'm afraid that if you let facts get in the way of assumed performance you're going to be in for an argument, not with me, I'm just saying....
  11. shaynec

    Trouble Bore Sighting

    I had this same issue on a model 70. I mounted talley rings and bases and sighted my gun in and all was well at 100 yards. But when I mounted a kenton knob to my scope and went to the range I found out that I had maxed out my windage and that eliminated my vertical adjustment. With a fixed base you are s.o.l. to optically center your scope and take full advantage of the elevation adjustment range on your new scope. Though they get very little love, that is where Leopold rings and bases have their place. You can take your rifle with the mis-aligned base holes and optically center your scope with the windage screws. The only problem is Nightforce does'nt recommend the use of Leupold rings with their scopes. I use them on my Nightforce 10 power and hav'nt had an issue with them, but I only hunt with mine so its not that critcal. I know this bit of information will not be helpful to you but, Holland Shooters Supply has a nice fix for this issue as well with an adjustable for windage picatinny rail but he only makes it available for Rem 700. Good luck addressing your problem. Shayne
  12. shaynec

    Weatherby Ultra Lightweight thoughts

    My understanding is that NULA will actively discourage you from putting a brake on one of his rifles. Easy enough to have installed elsewhere but found it interesting that he did'nt think you should put one on one of the ultralights. shayne
  13. Where did you put the oil? You don't want any in the chamber or on the bolt face. If you are shooting factory ammo I would probably just start over. Clean the gun with something like butches boreshine following the directions, dry up all the excess, and give it another try. You should'nt need any lubrication other than what is left over from your cleaning. It does'nt take much oil or grease in the wrong place to cause some serious pressure issues. shayne
  14. shaynec

    scope rings - need your help

    I'm sensitive. I have redone several scope set-ups for friends and the hardest part was dealing with the loc-tite fix. I realize it can be useful but too often used to correct ill-fitting or mismatched components. When asked my secret to proper installation all I can say is I read the directions first. Hope this did'nt come out to rough. shayne